What is AstroPsychology? – Understanding the Basics


What is AstroPsychology? – Understanding the Basics

Ever heard of the brand of psychological astrology known as AstroPsychology?

Most of us like being understood by those around us. But for that to happen, we usually have to start by understanding ourselves.

And in an effort to “understand ourselves,” some of us go to psychologists, whereas others turn to astrologers.

But what if I told you that you could turn to a life hybrid of the two?

And that’s where AstroPsyhology comes into play.

Astrologers say that seeking the help of experts at AstroPsychology can give you an even greater perspective on the type of person you are as well as why some things seem to happen only to you.

That said, you need to ensure that the psychological astrologer you go to is legitimately trained at AstroPsychology, lest you fall victim to a scam.

So, what exactly is Astropsychology?

Defined loosely, AstroPsychology is the study of the cosmos and the psyche, as well as how they intersect. Dr. Jennifer Freed (a leading psychological astrologer), for example, started by getting her Ph.D. in depth psychology, then further perfected her craft by studying under a master of astrology for years.

In AstroPsychology, experts look for ancestral, biological, and personality-driven patterns in your habits, and then look at your divine DNA, based on your astrological birth chart to give you an accurate reading.

They believe that the confluence of the two disciplines allows them to get the most insightful picture of an individual’s cosmic possibilities and psyche.

According to Freed, psychological astrologers (also known as AstroPsychologists) use your birth chart to comprehend personal dynamics that you inherit from your interactions with both the world and your family.

For instance, instead of telling you that you’re a nurturer just because you’re a Cancer, AstroPsychology will help you understand how the nurturing quality will affect your life.

Here is another great example. If your sun sign is Libra the usual astrology side of the zodiac realm will tell you that you may be worried about your superficial beauty and image. However, if you employ the psychological dynamics, then an expert like Freed will ask you questions like “how being worried about your superficial beauty and image has changed the way you’re interacting with the real world.”

And after understanding your struggles, the psychological astrologer will then start recommending the point in your life when you can transform your image related worries to authenticity and vulnerability.

Why should you seek the help of AstroPsychology?

People tend to seek out AstroPsychology readings because they are going through a painful or confusing time in their life and they would like to understand why it is happening. Most individuals want two questions answered: “Is this something happening to me or is it something happening within me?”

As expected, the psychology astrologer will then tell by the cycles and the birth charts whether what you’re going through is happening withing you (also known as intrapsychic conflict) or if it is an external event and a part of a cycle that the universe is asking you to learn from.

What is the origin of AstroPsychology?

According to Freed, psychological astrology is partly based on the theories of Carl Jung, a renowned psychoanalyst and psychiatrist who created analytical psychology.

Freed explained that much of AstroPsychology is based on “models” Carl studied, which include universal themes that tend to influence human experiences, such as hate, love, father, and mother. For instance, in AstroPsychology, the moon represents mothering.

In addition to that, AstroPsychology is also based on psychological motivational theories.

This means that AstroPsychology will look underneath what is motivating your habits. It won’t just tell you what you are, but also tell you why you are.

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