Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas For The 12 Zodiac Signs

Wedding Gift Ideas

Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas For The 12 Zodiac Signs

Yup, this post on the best wedding gift ideas for every zodiac sign includes the hard to shop for Scorpios.

Some individuals check their horoscopes from time to time just for fun – but others are so much into astrology that they can recite the details of their rising sign, moon sign, and sun sign like its ABCD. Either way, regardless of where you fall on the horoscope fandom spectrum, it is hard to ignore the simple fact that the discipline has become a huge part of the modern culture.

We all know (to some level) that things will get slightly risky when Mercury goes retrograde, and that its natural to feel amped when there is a full moon coming (if only because it looks great). And most importantly, most (if not all) of us know our sun signs.

That said, astrology isn’t just for Facebook and Instagram memes. There are plenty of zodiac-inspired wedding gift ideas that a loved one who’s about to get married will surely appreciate, whether they are a Pisces, Aquarius, or an Aries with a rising Scorpio and moon in Cancer.

Without further ado, let’s skip to the main section of the post and look at the best wedding gift ideas for every zodiac sign.

Wedding Gift Ideas

  1. Pisces

Wedding Gift Ideas

Pisces are regularly overwhelmed by their own emotions. They will easily pick up on what those around them are feeling and the type of energy filling their surrounding environments; and for that reason, they tend to need some alone time in order to recharge their batteries.

For the perfect wedding gift idea, try a blank, aesthetic notebook that they can use to jot down all their vivid dreams, or a set of crystal sweets that can balance out their energies. Pisces also treasure getting a chance to relax at home, so you can rest assured that a sleep set is something they will greatly appreciate.

If you’re getting the gift for a Pisces woman, remember that they tend to be in tune with the ocean, romantic, creative, and head over heels in love with glitz and glam. With that in mind, any gift idea that echoes these traits will certainly make her happy. A great example is high-end make up kits.

If you’re getting the gift for a Pisces man that likes going to ethereal places, then a gift that relates to water or music in someway will delight him. Note that this includes liquors and fine wines.

  1. Aquarius

Wedding Gift Ideas

Aquarians are always thinking about their futures, and are best known for their ability to spend their days with their thoughts and heads in the clouds. So, since they have a hard time staying grounded in the present, a nice, potted plant will give them something they can take care of.

What’s more? since they are not so fond of trends, Aquarians prefer receiving somewhat unique gifts nobody else owns. That’s why they’re also likely to appreciate a pair of Givenchy earrings that celebrate their individual sign or a Marebelle cake that has been disguised as a book.

If the Aquarian in your life is a lady, chances are that this post-modern independent lady is a true “out of this world” original – so forget about wedding gifts that touch her heart and focus more on those that touch her mind.

If the Aquarian is an innovative gentleman who is technically advanced, then you can pick a gift for him from a wide array of hi-tech electronics and gadgets. A great example is a handy, virtual and transparent glass keyboard.

  1. Capricorn

Wedding Gift Ideas

A Capricorn is a calm, serious, and strong-willed individual that is extremely aware of time and is always willing to take charge. With that in mind, when coming up with wedding gift ideas for a Capricorn, think longevity, useful, practical, or something that will relate to the passage of time.

If the Capricorn in your life is a lady, then note that classy Capricorn women are known to be career-oriented and hardworking, which implies that the key to finding the best wedding gift ideas for them is to appeal to their ambitious side. A praiseworthy gift, for instance, could be a genuine leather business portfolio and professional organizer.

If the Capricorn in your life is a gentleman, then chances are he is the archetypal businessman. Being successful, busy, and organizes is what his entire life revolves around, so any gift that will allow him to wisely manage his time is a great choice.

  1. Sagittarius

Wedding Gift Ideas

The Sagittarius is a wonder and wander. They are travelers in pursuit of more knowledge, so when coming up with wedding gift ideas for these free-spirited souls, prioritize those that allow them to broaden their minds and explore the world.

For instance, when gifting Sagittarian women, remember that they are literary and fun-loving gypsies who embrace sumptuous fabric, crystal & turquoise jewels, music festivals, road trips, and bare feet. The Sagittarius men are voyagers and vagabonds, so think far away places and traveling when picking a gift for them.

My brother in law is a Sagittarius and the amount of appreciation I received after getting him an aesthetic men’s canvas leather travel bag for his wedding can not be put into words.

  1. Scorpio

Wedding Gift Ideas

Scorpios are passionate, investigative, and secretive. So, when coming up with wedding gift ideas for the Scorpio in your life, do not overthink it. Just think, guilty pleasures. Let’s start by looking at the Scorpio women.

They’re known to be the most secretive, they keep most of the things about their lives under lock and key, and also have a repute for being extremely vindictive. With that information in mind, think dark and hidden humor when acquiring a gift for a Scorpio woman. A great example is adding a hint of dark oddity to the Scorpio woman’s kitchenette with a fun and exclusive Voodoo knife set.

If you intend to gift a Scorpio man, then remember he is probably a cloak and dagger individual who is a great lover of mysteries and secrets. Keeping that in mind will certainly ensure that you find a gift that’ll intrigue him.

  1. Libra

Wedding Gift Ideas

Libras are the aesthetes in the realm of astrology. They love balance, harmony, and beauty in every appliance they acquire. So, when coming up with wedding gift ideas for a Libra, forget all about practicality and go for beauty. Better yet, go a step further and wrap the wedding gift elegantly using lush bows and gossamer paper.

If you’re getting the wedding gift for a Libra woman, then remember that she has a keen mind, eye for beauty, and is the queen of hearts. A great example of what you can get her is a book that’s filled with some of the most shameless, funny, moving, and erotic love poems in history.

If you’re getting the wedding gift for a Libra man, note that he is fashionable and refined, so when picking a gift for this individual, think thoughtful, useful, tasteful, and aesthetically pleasing. A great example is getting them some high-end shave kit.

  1. Virgo

Wedding Gift Ideas

When picking a gift for a Virgo, practicality is the key. So, anything that will reduce clutter and keep spaces well organized will be a welcomed gift for this meticulous personality.

Virgo women are usually polished, and are practical time managers who are organized and have “a place for every single thing, and want every single thing in its place.” With that in mind, one of the best wedding gift ideas I’ve ever come across for Virgo women is a compact label maker that’ll allow them to have everything labeled so they can be easily found or identified.

In regards to Virgo men, they’re usually handymen who are health conscious and try their best to always stay fit. Thinking along these fitness lines will help you find the perfect wedding gift for them. A great example is getting a Virgo man a subscription of Men’s Health Magazine All Access.

  1. Leo

Leos have a flair for the dramatic, are gregarious, warm, and place a huge value on making an impression. For that reason, when coming up with wedding gift ideas for Leos, forget overly sentimental or garish and think classic and regal. Also, presentation is essential, so be original, creative, and impressively wrap your gifts.

If the gift you’re planning on getting is supposed to be given to a Leo woman, then remember she wants the best – and this is regardless of whether she is a career woman or homebody. Chances are she loves jewelry, velvet, cashmere, silk, and high thread count sheets.

If the gift you are planning on acquiring is supposed to be gifted to a Leo man, then note that the goal is to stick with gifts that are gold, fun, or have a lasting value. And if the gift can be personalized, then you can rest assured he will like it even better.

  1. Cancer

Wedding Gift Ideas

Cancers place special value on family, home, and their countries. So, when coming up with the perfect wedding gift ideas for this zodiac sign, keep in mind that they love to be nurtured, nostalgic, traditional, and enjoy sentimental gifts that can allow them to share their memories.

If you’re getting the present for a Cancer woman, remember that she is a homemaker and ensure that you wrap it up as pretty as possible. I plan on getting my sister (who is a Cancer) old fashioned cast iron skillets as a present for her wedding next month.

  1. Gemini

Wedding Gift Ideas

Gemini is a master of trivia, loves to learn, is chatty, fun, and curious. People born under this zodiac sign love living in the now, which means that wedding gifts like trendy toys, technology, gadgets, or anything novel will be highly appreciated.

If you’re gifting a Gemini woman, then remember that they are drawn to things that are quirky, unusual, new, whimsical, and colorful. For instance, if the one you have in mind is a cat person, getting them a whimsical spectacle kitty watch will undoubtedly catch her fancy.

If you’re gifting a Gemini man, he is easy to get a present for. Just keep it thought-provoking and fun. A great example is a tesla watch that has all the great features for a man on the go. Or you could try a personalized gadget key chain.

  1. Taurus

Wedding Gift Ideas

Be it comforts or pleasure, you can rest assured a Taurus will indulge in excess. So, when trying to come up with wedding gift ideas to get for these artistic and sensual souls, think luxurious, comfy, silky, soft, and beautiful.

If the person you’re getting the gift for is a lady, then remember they’re madly attuned to all things ‘aesthetics.” They are indulgent, sensual, and have a level of taste that certainly exceeds all the other signs of the zodiac.

A great gift idea I can think of off the top of my head is a basket of warm honey and soothing vanilla fragrance. These individuals love getting pampered, and this present will undoubtedly indulge their sensual nature.

If the person you’re getting the gift for is a gentleman, note that they work hard and usually want to surround themselves with luxury, comfort, and all the goodness that money can buy. What’s more? Remember that to them, its quality over quantity, so the present you get them should embody that.

  1. Aries

Wedding Gift Ideas

Aries-born individuals are always active and busy. They are the leaders in their packs and are always 1st in line to get things going. With that in mind, when coming up with wedding gift ideas for this sign, think fun, challenging, action, and physicality.

A perfect present for an Aries lady would be any gift that can match her speed and upholds her bold and pioneering lifestyle. For instance, I got my friend a book titled “Bad Girls Throughout History.” The book tells stories upon stories of some of the boldest, influential, and groundbreaking women from all time periods and corners of the earth. Also, if the Aries in your life is a runner and is passionate about the sport, nothing will “amaze” her more than a nice pair of Nike sneakers.

An Aries gentleman loves excitement & stimulation, manly gadgets, and anything that will challenge them. A great gift option is a GoPro with an inbuilt selfie mirror that will allow them to film themselves in action.


The very best wedding gifts you can get another person show that you have participated (although imaginatively) in their lives. That said, I do understand that most of the time it’s hard to imagine a gift that communicates “I see you, appreciate you, and love you from the bottom of my heart” unless you’re pretty close with the person in question.

But the good news is, Astrologers participate creatively in other individual’s lives every single day. So, take all the astrological traits listed above, the gifts suggested, and let your imagination run wild. Always remember that gifts are not about the hard-earned cash you’ll spend; they have more essential intangible qualities.

If you loved this article on wedding gift ideas for the 12 zodiac signs, then I’m confident you’ll love this one on romantic compatibility in astrology.

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