A Void of Course Moon – What This Interesting Phenomenon Means And How To Use Its Energy

Void of Course Moon

A Void of Course Moon – What This Interesting Phenomenon Means And How To Use Its Energy

You may have never heard of the void of course moon, but it still does affect your life to an extent.

If you’re new to the study of astrology or are the kind of person who reads their horoscopes regularly, then I’m confident you know that the moon is a huge part of our daily cosmic scene in the realm of astrology. It rules over our vulnerabilities and instincts, our feelings and emotions, and the way we feel nurtured and safe.

What’s more? As it moves through the 12 zodiac signs during its 28 days cycle, the moon takes on the energies of all these signs and start coloring our moods and attitudes with the signs’ qualities.

With that in mind, in your dabbles in the study of astrology, you might have come across the term “void of course moon” – even though its meaning can at times get a little bit convoluted.

Understanding the power and meaning of a void of course moon will be really helpful – and as I mentioned at the beginning of the post, even though you might not know exactly what it means, you can rest assured that you’ve felt its effects, repeatedly.

So let’s start with the basics.

What is a void of course moon?

In the simplest terms, a void of course moon (at times abbreviated as v/c or VC, or just called the void moon) describes a short period of time before our moon moves into the next sign during which it does not form any essential meet-ups with any of the other ruling planets.

I like to think of it as some sort of planetary siesta for the moon, or duration of respite for all the moon’s ruled intensities that comes along with the planet’s journey through the zodiac.

Now, if you’re one of those who are new to the realm of astrology, then you may be wondering why I keep referring to the moon as a planet even though it’s not (astronomically speaking.) Well, that’s because, in astrology, the moon as well as the sun are counted as ruling planets. Here is a detailed guide to help you understand why.

With that in mind, are you in a brain fog? In need of getting another nap even though you got a good night’s sleep? Or are you feeling totally unproductive? If you answered yes to any of these, then you may just be able to blame all your problems on the void of course moon.

What it means when the moon is void of course

The moon spends approximately two days in each one of the 12 sun signs while traveling through the natal chart (it takes around 28 days, which is a full moon cycle, to complete its movement through all 12 zodiac signs.)

Moreover, as it moves through the zodiac wheel, it forms aspects with other major ruling planets from time to time. Aspects are simply angles in astrology charts that are repeatedly formed between planets (remember, the moon is counted as a planet) – and all these angles represent different sorts of relationships.

We have “hard aspects,” that usually result in tensions and challenges between energies of the planets involved, and we also have “soft aspects” which are more harmonious in nature and easier.

Note, since the moon moves too fast through all the 12 sun signs (it is the fastest moving of all ruling planets in astrology), it will constantly form aspects with the other planets, which will, in turn, ignite its powers and subsequently affect our energy levels, our emotions, our moods, and more.

That said, once the moon completes its final aspect to another ruling planet with a specific sign’s realm, it gets considered void of course until it reaches the next zodiac sign. This also marks the period when the Moon is all on its own, floating through the zodiac wheel without any influence from the other planets which are usually there to bounce their energies off her.

This is why during a void of course moon, we tend to feel hazy, scatterbrained, and a little lost.

Also note, thanks to how often the Moon creates aspects to other planets, it (the Moon) does not end up void of course until it has reached the last degrees of a sun sign – which means that the void will usually last a few hours or even less sometimes. Occasionally, however, the stars get to align so we have an entire day under the influence of a void of course moon. These will make for slightly dizzy periods that are not necessarily productive, but great times to lean into your imagination and make time for solitude. I prefer this period to reflect on my own emotions and feelings.

How to react to the void of course moon

I’ll try and make this section as comprehensive as possible: so buckle up.

One of the many things our moon rules are people in groups, the masses, personal patterns, instincts, habits, and daily routines. It guides both conscious and unconscious habits we’ve created so we can smoothly get through life.

For instance, unless you’re just learning how to drive, the process is usually pretty automatic to you when the conditions are normal. The same can be said for things you do every day, including walking to the bus, making coffee, taking a shower, brushing your teeth, and every other single thing you would usually consider routine and normal. Now, these small tasks that may not seem interesting or essential in your daily life are what streamline your daily flow of life, and none of us tend to take notice; unless they do not go as we planned (whenever the routine is broken.) If you notice that happens, then chances are the void of course moon has come into play.

Well, now that we know the Moon goes through this cosmic break time, how does it affect the masses at large?

When the Moon, which rules our daily routines, goes on break, then so do we. Sit back and notice how things that were previously extremely important get pushed to the side as new concerns and ideas get moved to the forefront of our consciousness. There will be an actual changing of gears when the Moon changes signs.

That said, just like the manual transmission of a car, there will be a period of time when everything will be in neutral so the gear can change. That period is what we refer to as the void of course moon.

The thing you have to remember is that there are a lot of things that will go wrong when the moon is void, but there are even more situations with a high likelihood of turning out better.

During the void of course moon, you shouldn’t start a project, close a deal, make plans, or sign a contract. As a general rule of thumb, if you wanted to start something you expected to a have a concrete, real-world result, then you should at least postpone starting, signing, or sealing it – lest the venture never gets off the ground or ends up having so many setbacks and problems that you realize it was all pointless in the end.

If you’re planning on traveling (or happen to arrive at your destination) during the void of course moon, then be prepared for everything about to unfold. Your plans will be altered unexpectedly, new & strange experience will be awaiting you, and you’ll be forced to throw your itinerary out of the window.

As you may already tell, all this is fun if you’re on a vacation, but can be very unfortunate if you’re on a business trip. As noted before, business moves executed during a void of course moon will likely hit unexpected difficulties – but also, the void is a short period of time, so you can, instead, use it to JUST plan ahead.

Objects you acquire during a void of course moon either end up not being used or somehow ‘won’t be right’. Other times, you won’t find what you were looking for in the first place. So, for instance, if you visit the store for grocery shopping, I suggest you stick to the basics and do not try new items or start looking for special goods. Chances are you either won’t find what you’re looking for or whatever you buy will end up getting thrown out because it won’t be consumed.

What’s more? Expect to forget a lot of essentials as well (like bread or milk) and ensure you carefully count your change and closely inspect the cash register receipt. As you may have guessed, little, silly mistakes are very common during the void of course moon. Worse yet, frustrations and delays start running higher than normal.

What about those who have to work?

void of course moon

If you still have to work during a void Moon, I suggest you stick to your routine and ensure you do not try new, strange stuff that could end up getting in your way. If you create plans around the void moon (or as some say, plan meetings during this period), then expect to face mutual misunderstandings. Most of the time, these misunderstandings will end up playing out in your favor.

In unfortunate cases, you may show up at the agreed meeting place but get there at the wrong time, or the person you were supposed to meet arrives at the right time but shows up at the wrong place. This is also the duration you’re likely to get lost, even in familiar neighborhoods.

During a void moon is also when you tend to lose objects that you last remember placing in plain sight. I know this hits close to home for most of us. You will likely place something away but forget about it later, making it effectively lost. Worry not, however, because you will likely find it immediately after the void Moon.

Unfortunately, losing things doesn’t just apply to objects in this period; it applies to information as well. You’ll tend to read something or have a conversation but end up totally forgetting about it. So save those trashy romances for this duration because you most likely will not be able to get any important work done. You may decide to clean your house, do the dishes, or laundry during the void of course moon, but you’ll probably not get to finish due to distractions or interruptions.

Staying on your diet!! This will obviously be tough as you will be prone to “justified” cheating. Your willpower and resolve will be less strong. Here is a better explanation. There will be a prevalent feeling of “what no one knows won’t hurt me. And after all, I’m only skipping it today, tomorrow I’ll get back in track and everything will be okay.” If you succumb to these temptations, be prepared to make up for it and pay the price when the Moon moves to the next zodiac sign.

Here is a trick I think you’ll appreciate. If you’re planning on dropping a huge bombshell but end up having fewer repercussions in the long run, then during the void of course moon is the period to do it. I also have a perfect example of this.

Remember the “Teflon President” (President Reagan) who was never blamed for any single bad thing? Well, that is because he was extremely careful to ensure he scheduled those presidential conferences during void Moons.

I’m speaking of the news conferences where he was required to answer all the hard questions about all the nasty controversies that had plagued his term. There were interesting discussions, questions, and answers, but the following day, nothing essential was even said on TV or paper. The entire topic was simply glossed over, dropped, or forgotten, and no one even noticed.

The void of course moon was President Reagan’s Teflon.

Better yet, even in August 1988, when his wife, Nancy Reagan, admitted on live TV (at the Republican National Convention with Dan Rather) that they had used the void of course moon to get out of trouble, no one really cared or noticed (I’ll agree, this is one of those instanced that make astrologers tear out their hair.)

Now, on the flip side, when President Reagan had wonderful news that he knew would make him look like a great president, he was always careful to make sure that he did not hold the press conferences during the void of course moon. This always gave him maximum notice and credit. He is known to have used a whole lot of other astrological tricks during his presidency, but the easiest and biggest he admitted to was the void of course moon.

To conclude, Void Moons are great for spiritual, subjective, and non-material issues, like meditation, sleep, psychotherapy, parties, play, yoga, and prayer. Creativity takes unplanned detours and directions. And when the Moon is no longer void, your habit and routine will go back to proceeding smoothly, but make sure you fine-tune them accordingly to adjust for the one day slow down.

As you can see, clearly understanding the void of course moon can help you turn the duration to your advantage and make it work wonders for you. If you liked the content, ensure you check out this one on how to read your natal chart.

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