The Importance of Repeating Numbers in Astrology – What Do They Mean?

Repeating Numbers in Astrology

The Importance of Repeating Numbers in Astrology – What Do They Mean?

I vividly remember my introduction to repeating numbers in astrology. It was immediately after the distressing terrorist attack against the United States in 2001 and I had just started diving into studies regarding the human consciousness.

Anyway, as you already know, the mainstream media was referring to the event as “9/11” and I remember instantly thinking the date was just a coincidence – the fact it just happened to be similar to the USA emergency No. (911) – but a small voice in my head kept interrupting my thoughts saying, “you know there are no such things as coincidence.”

Needless to say, I tried pushing the information to the back of my mind thinking that my psyche was just playing tricks on me at this vulnerable moment.

But then I started seeing the numbers everywhere. While on holiday the same year, I would wake up randomly, check the watch, and see that it was exactly 9:11. Other times while taking a walk I’d hear somebody randomly utter the number in passing. And 100% of the time none of them were even talking about the attack or emergency number.

I remember one day sliding a DISC into my player and at looking at the screen, it read Song 9 of 11. The numbers were literally everywhere. But you have to remember I knew nothing about repeating numbers in astrology at the time.

Anyway, at this point, it became different variations of the same number, such as 191 and 119. The variations were constantly popping up in random songs on the radio, phone numbers, my new card number, random car plates, and even my new bank account.

That’s when I understood I must’ve stumbled onto something deep, like some type of Higher Force trying to get my attention. The other option is I was running out of my mind.

And even though I had been going with the 2nd alternative for a while, I chose to do some research on the phenomenon and, Lo and behold, I realized I wasn’t the only one.

I wasn’t crazy.

Reticular Activating System

Repeating numbers in astrology wasn’t the first area I landed on during my research.

First, I tried talking to my friends and trusted family members about what was going on, but none of them could relate. The most constructive response I received was, “You’re just overthinking.” I even remember Cousin Sharon asking, “Why are you dabbling into subjects you know nothing about?”

But she did not understand. I never went looking for all these repeating numbers, they were finding their way to me. Someone or something was undoubtedly trying to contact me. But what was it? And why me? I was in dire need of answers.

That’s when I turned to the internet; and more times than I would like to admit, I ran into people snobbishly saying, “it could just be your mind’s reticular activating system.” I didn’t know what it meant at the time. So after several people mentioned it, I decided to consult Google.

The RAS (Reticular Activating System) is found in our brain stems. It’s a group of nerves that act like filters, allowing you to sort through unnecessary information you’re bombarded with on a daily basis so stuff that really matters to you can go through.

For instance, when you’re thinking about acquiring a yellow car, you’ll start noticing a whole lot of yellow cars everywhere you go. That is RAS in play.

But is that the only thing Repeating Numbers in Astrology is all about?

Without question, I can say NO.

Then why do we keep seeing these repeating numbers?

This same question ran through my mind a lot in the beginning. But after spending years studying the significance of Astrology to our daily lives, I learned that these repeating numbers in astrology are simply how our spirit guides (the universe, our higher selves, or whatever you’d like to name it) reach out to use.

The exact terminology isn’t particular so I wouldn’t want to put you in a box. But some astrologers refer to repeating numbers in astrology as angel numbers.

And if you focus on the contexts in which the numbers appear to you, you easily manage to pinpoint precisely what your spirit guide or higher self is drawing your focus to.

Repeating numbers in astrology can mean you are in perfect alignment with our universe

We’ll look at how you can precisely interpret repeating numbers in the next section of this post.

But as a general rule of thumb, if you keep spotting repeating numbers, it’s a sign you’re in perfect alignment with our universe. Even leading astrologers recommend that we start by looking at repeating numbers in astrology as tender reminders from our higher selves that we’re on the correct path and are never alone. It’s one way synchronicity tends to make itself noticeable to us.

Here is another thing you always have to remember: every single thing in life is about synchronicity because life is one big, lovely dance. That said, since synchronicity flys over our heads (for some of us), repeating numbers in astrology are simply methods our higher selves or the universe use to draw our attention the fact.

But what does you being in perfect alignment with the universe even mean? Well, it implies that you are in the correct place at the perfect time. And that no matter what is happening or how you perceive it, you should always remember you are never alone and that eventually, everything will work out in your favor.

Imagine this, how many bad things that happened in your past turned out to be blessings in disguise? I guess a lot.

So always remember that these repeating numbers are simply gentle nudges to let you know that there is a plan and you are doing just great – even if it may not seem like it at the moment.

What do repeating numbers in astrology mean?

In astrology, each number is exceptional and has its own frequency. Here is an example. In my situation, I was seeing the number 11 and 9 together. Well, 9, among other things, happens to indicate the completion or ending to something.

Number 11, on the other hand, indicates a gateway to something. To what, you ask? To new beginnings. It is a gateway that’ll allow you to peek past the curtains of reality into what truly IS in the universe.

Now looking back to when I started seeing 911 everywhere, I can’t help but realize that there were a whole lot of things I missed. My life was drastically changing as I knew it; and on many levels. Phases I was accustomed to were now ending.

I had recently graduated from university and I had started exploring the subject of consciousness and awareness. I had also just experienced my first “Out of Body” experience that helped me believe there is way more to our lives than we initially think.

In a nutshell, some things were ending in my life (9) and I was stepping into an entirely new realm in terms of awareness and consciousness (11.)

Interpreting repeating numbers in astrology as encouragement or warnings

There are many times in your life you will get sudden surges of specific repeating numbers. And I mean full waves of them. So when that happens, remember that something momentous is about to take place in your life. Sometimes it’s just a warning and other times it is more like your higher self encouraging you.

I, for instance. When I’m not in a good mood, or I need of some reassurance and guidance, I try connecting with my Guardian Spirit. And in such times, I have found that I always see lots of 333, 111, and some other repeating numbers.

Also, as I just mentioned in the preceding section, each repeating number in astrology has its unique frequency. That means that every number I see has its inherent meaning.

On the other hand, you ought to remember that most things you read on a website regarding horoscopes and astrology are just guides, nothing more. What do I mean by that?

Well, every number’s unique frequency will present different stories and different messages for different people (depending on the situations.) So eventually, it’s all about you and how you understand it.

Below is a great guide you can use to interpret the significance of repeating numbers in astrology in your life.

How to interpret the importance of repeating numbers in astrology?

To understand the interpretation of repeating numbers in astrology you keep spotting, here is a guide I recommend you begin with.

  1. Think about your current state

When you keep seeing repeating numbers, I recommend you pause for a moment and ask yourself two questions:

  • How am I feeling just now?
  • What was I thinking about before seeing the number?

Asking yourself these two questions is a good way to understand what the universe might be say to you. Recall when I said all things in life happens in synchronicity? The feelings and thoughts you had while the repeating numbers showed up are also in synchronicity.

  1. Listen to your heart

I know this step sounds like a cheesy line from a love song, but it IS true and it works. Just give it a try.

Now, after identifying the feeling or thought the repeating number is associated is, you have to stay still and close your eyes. Subsequently, take in a few deep, comfy breaths – and with the eyes shut still, shift your focus to your heart chakra (the heart area.)

You do not have to envision it. Simply feel the region by taking your focus there.

Why do that?

Well, whatever message your higher self is sending you will only be clearer if you listen using your heart; not your ears or mind.

  1. Interpret the answer

While listening using your heart, your answers will most probably come to you in the form of a feeling. In fact, more than simply a feeling, it will be like “knowing.” I cannot quite define it using words as its best experienced.

What’s more? If you’re a really sensitive individual and have previous practice contacting or channeling your higher self, then you may get an actual message in form of words sent to your mind.

Some people even have visions. But not essentially like how it’s depicted in the movies (i.e. a photo or slideshow of images flashing across one’s mind.) It means you’ll instantly understand what the repeating numbers are trying to communicate to you like someone instantly put the message inside you.

If you do not, then move to the fourth step.

  1. Say thank you

When I notice repeating numbers whose meaning I do not understand, I always repeat the following words, “Thank you. I know everything will be obvious to me when the time is right.”

And even though it might take a day or two, I eventually get to understand and see what the numbers imply 99% of the time. Some other times the meaning comes to me in dreams. But whatever the case, trust that the universe will discern everything for you in a way you will relate with.

  1. Consider getting into meditation

Since repeating numbers in astrology will be a recurring topic in your life, I recommend increasing your sensitivity to connecting with your higher self – and the best way to do that is to get into mindful meditation.

Meanwhile, you can find a site detailing other people’s interpretations or understandings of these repeating numbers in astrology; and over time, you will learn to spot the pattern. Better yet, you’ll learn how to tell which meanings relate to you as well as which ones don’t.

The most important repeating numbers in astrology

The most powerful repeating numbers in astrology are 11, 22, and 33. Most astrologers even refer to them as “The Triangle of Enlightenment.”

With that in mind, let’s look at the numbers in more detail.

  1. 11

This number connects you with knowledge without rationality, your subconscious, and your instincts. So if you are seeing the number 11 (or its variations like 911), then the message is that the Universe is open to serve your needs if you focus on your vision. 11 is also the number associated with the law of attraction and manifesting one’s dreams.

  1. 22

22 is the repeating number of the master builder. It signifies ambitions, discipline, and one’s ability to spin wild dreams into reality. So, when you see twos repeating, then it’s time to realize your limitless opportunities and trust in your higher self so it can start turning your wildest dreams into a reality.

  1. 33

Of all repeating numbers in astrology, this one best represents divine and human consciousness. It is an extremely spiritual number. So, when you see repeating threes, it is a message that you need to trust that the “FORCE” is with you and you will manifest your desires.


The bottom line is, if you’re spotting repeating numbers, then brace yourself because a lot of things are about to change in your life. Some of them will seem bad at first but trust me when I say they will work out in your favor in the long run.

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