The 7 Stages Of Life And Their Astrological Explanations

Stages Of Life

The 7 Stages Of Life And Their Astrological Explanations

What is it about certain ages and stages of life? We keep hearing the term midlife crisis getting thrown around frequently these days. Is it a new phenomenon?

Well, astrology can answer both questions – simply because the discipline works with cycles and understands how the planets’ orbit corresponds to different turning points in the universe. Points that influence the evolution of our lives.

Without wasting any more of your time, let’s skip to the main section of the post and look at the 8 stages of life (starting from the top) as well as their astrological explanations. At the end of the post, I’ll also explain why the number of stages is 7, and not any other number.

Stages of life

  1. 67 Years and Above – Saturn

Stages Of Life

In the realm of astrology, Saturn is known as the planet of chronological times, and during this phase ruled by the planet, we start realizing true self-knowledge (or in some cases the lack of it) and the reality of our existences.

In addition to that, in this stage, our maturity phase gives way to the next, final stage. This stage allows us to move on to more joyful experiences that we can only start completely appreciating through the experience and wisdom that’s garnered from decades spent on planet earth.

For some people, this 7th stage of life creates enduring and influential customs that societies should have embraced long ago but have unfortunately been totally neglected in Western nations.

For the rest, it is a time of regret and bitterness. And within the memories of those caught up in this unfortunate reality is their entire life history, failures, and things they wish they did when they had the time and strength.

I knew a lady who has visited every single country in the world, has watched Michael Jackson and Prince perform live, and even met Al Capone and Houdini. I also met another gentleman who regretted pushing his entire family away because, throughout his life, he thought his work was “more important” (because afterall, it provided for his family).

For that reason, ensure you spend your life wisely and find a balance that will allow you to make the best of every single situation and experience in your life.

What’s more? Your ability to happily embrace this last of the seven stages in life (with a sense of gratitude and without fear or regrets) is the reward for your life well-loved and well-lived.

  1. 55 to 67 Years – Jupiter

With this planet (named after a Roman God) as a ruling planet comes an opportunity to step back and take a look at your life objectively and hopefully, without feeling that there is something you should’ve accomplished that you haven’t or can’t anymore.

Jupiter is also known as a Guru in Vedic astrology, which presents it as the universe’s teacher and giver of hope and life. With that in mind, it is during this Jupiter stage that you start finding the mastery of the pursuits you’ve been working on all your life.

Once you have attained this mastery, what follows is the realization of your own mortality, which will hopefully inspire or lead you towards an imperative and desire to teach.

If you’re one of the lucky ones (which I definitely believe you are), this stage of life will also reveal to you an understanding of the responsibilities you have to the generations that follow and everything you’re required to do.

Remember, it is our natural duty to be expansive, benevolent, and work toward passing along all of our knowledge to the young ones coming after us. This means the stage will, undoubtedly, be the most spiritual in your life.

  1. 41 to 55 Years – Mars

If you checked out my post on ruling planets in astrology, then you remember I mentioned that Mars is action filled and can be best embodied by going out and doing something that will impact at least one person in the world positively. It’s the period we should be trying to fight for all the things we believe in.

Regrettably, this Mars stage may also bring along the sad realization that you have not found the life you always thought you would have and that most things aren’t going precisely according to your plan or expectations – that’s why we usually say that some people are experiencing a midlife crisis.

All of us, men and women alike, also start finding ourselves wondering if that’s all there is to life, which, in turn, drives us to affairs, new cars, physical pleasures, expeditions around the world, or any other thing that soothes the Martian and red hot energy within us.

According to a recent study, most divorces around the world also start taking shape during this period,

  1. 22 to 41 Years –The Sun

Stages Of Life

This Solar period permits all of us to exert our powers and build the lives we’ve always wanted for ourselves and our loved ones – whatever that might mean to you as an individual. During this stage of life, we boast all the benefits and rights that come with being fully grown. But most of the time, we also begin the period without the wisdom or experience required to know how to take full advantage of these rights and benefits.

Some of us will take the opportunity and start gently warming our surroundings while at the same time growing and nurturing the lush garden that’ll allow us to enjoy the 41 to 55 years life stage discussed above. Others, however, will resort to scorching the world with intense heat, thanks to their lack of consciousness and consideration of how their actions may affect other people.

Always remember, if you do not help others (or go out of your way to hurt them), you are lost.

Personal growth and spirituality are also a part of this stage, even though usually in an egocentric way. It’s important to note that to all of us, the Sun gave life. But it is up to each of us individually to do something positive with that power.

  1. 14 to 22 Years – Venus

I do not know about you, but I was one of the most hormonal lunatics during my adolescent years. I was confused, emotional, and honestly desperate to find myself. Lucky for me, this period makes way into young adulthood, which means it has more to it than just anxiety and confusion.

The period also qualifies as the most formative stage when compared to all the other stages of life.  That’s because as you’ve seen in the Sun stage we just looked at, this Venus phase sets us up for the most challenging phase.

Also, this 8-year period will help us develop our sense of reality and might even imprint how we start perceiving our partners, relatives, ourselves, and even friends for the rest of our lives. For that reason, it is extremely essential that you nurture a positive self-image through this stage of life because the results are likely to linger in your mind for ages (if you’re not one of those individuals who are always actively seeking changes.)

This Venus stage also deals with concepts of beauty, aesthetics, one’s worldview, and the development of your ethics.

  1. 4 to 14 Years – Mercury

Traditional, the planet Mercury rules mischief, bargaining, intellectual pursuits, and the mind.

This explains why the planet guides this period – the period that includes making friends, becoming social creatures, hitting puberty (or it hitting you like in my case), and going to school. It was amidst this stage of life that I started discovering my obsession with science fiction (or perhaps it discovered me), and I also graduated to a certified Geek (complete with tape on my glasses.)

This stage will also be one of the most important in your life because it will, more than likely, create some of the most influential impressions that will make you who you are for the rest of your life.

That said, while on the subject of Mercury ruling a period of your life, it’s also essential to note that Mercury can deceive, so it is very important to note that not all your memories of your past are what they seem to be. Or at the very least your interpretation of the situations might be skewed due to your current outlook on life.

  1. 0 to 4 Years – The Moon

Stages Of Life

We all come into this life in a state of innocence, without any knowledge of the world. At times, the light will be bright, but other times, it will be dim, like the moonlight during the different phases of the Moon.

What’s more? Unlike previous generations, children born in this age are exposed to various forms of electronic illuminations. It’s unprecedented in history. I have even met three-year-old infants who boast the ability to work a smartphone better than I can. With that in mind, I hope all these children will find a true light that’ll guide them on their paths toward their futures.

As Hermeticism teaches, as a reflection of the Sun, the Moon is a source of possible illusion.

Another thing worth noting is the fact these stages of life aren’t only evident in your personal life. In fact, they repeats themseves in miniature cycles and forms every day in all other areas of your life. This means you can use all the 7 stages of life to analyze anything you want.

For instance, which stage is your marriage in right now? Is it in your mercury or Moon phase? And what about the job you are in? is it in its Mars phase?

Understanding this philosophy will allow you to embrace and be patient as you move through all the seven stages of life.

The Importance of Number 7

As I promised at the beginning of the post, in this section of the article, we are going to look at what it is about number seven that fascinates the universe.

For starters, when it comes to a pair of dice, seven is, statistically speaking, the most probable digit to be thrown. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been lost and made on this premise. In addition to that, in most (if not all) holy texts, number seven is abundant.

In the Bible, number seven has been mentioned more than 750 times, with the very beginning mentioning that it took God seven days to create the whole wide world. From there, we have the seven days people had to go around Jericho before the walls starter crumbling, seven trumpeters blowing seven Shofars, seven seals getting mentioned in the Book of Revelations, and much more.

Outside the religious realm, there are seven notes in our musical scale, the 8th note being an octave above the 1st note. The rainbow has seven colors, and the moon goes through four different phases (third quarter, full moon, first quarter, and new moon), with each of these phases appearing roughly seven days apart.

What’s more? We have seven Chakras, and the last, but by no means least reason we humans are so fixated on number seven is the fact we have seven visible planets in our solar system. The most noticeable of the two being the Moon and Sun (if you’ve checked out the post I linked earlier on ruling planets, I explained why the Moon and the Sun are counted as planetary objects in the realm of astrology.)

The other five planets that are visible from earth include Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, and Venus.

All seven planets above have helped create a foundation of belief that has been depended on for millennia. They even became Gods of the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks, as well as other cultures around the world.


There is a lot you can do with this astrology system. And as you learn as much as you can about astrology, you’ll realize that you are mostly only limited by your imagination and willingness to embrace anything life throws at you.

The sad or impressive (depending on how you see it) part about life is that none of us see the exact same realities, which means that no one will experience the 7 stages of life like you do. That’s where your greatest benefit of this existence exists, and do not let anyone (not even yourself) take that mystery away from you.

Anyway, now that you understand the 7 stages of life and their astrological explanations, I think its time to move on to the next topic and look at what a void of course moon is and how you can take advantage of its energy. You can never be too prepared.

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