The 3 Qualities in Astrology – Cardinal, Fixed, & Mutable

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The 3 Qualities in Astrology – Cardinal, Fixed, & Mutable

What type of roles do you tend to play on teams according to your daily horoscope app? Are you a finisher, a starter, or a doer?

The 12 Zodiac Signs are grouped into 3 qualities in astrology, and their role is to help you determine the answer to the questions above.

In addition, these qualities in astrology also play essential roles in our lives, and the rule of thumb is to ensure that you have a healthy balance of all three on your group. If, for instance, you were trying to create a record deal, then this is how your team should look like:

  • Cardinal signs will be the trendsetters, promoters, or stars who work on the act itself
  • Fixed signs will be the persistent hard workers who create the album
  • Finally, mutable signs will be the editing group that takes the almost-ready product and does the remixing or final mastering.

So, which of the three qualities in astrology best matches your character?

Cardinal Signs (Capricorn, Libra, Cancer, Aries)

These Zodiac signs begin every season of the year. Capricorn is the 1st winter sign, Libra starts fall, Cancer starts summer, and Aries kicks offspring. As a result of their positions, they tend to be the “idea people” and leaders of astrology.

They are the trendspotters and trendsetters and will be the ones that get the crowd and party started. So, if you have a winning plan or idea, bring them in to initiate it.

Fixed Signs (Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, Taurus)

These Zodiac signs lie in between every season. They are also known as the stabilizers. And in a team, they will set up solid foundations or goals before building begins. When the cardinal sings spark up enthusiastic ideas, the Fixed signs will take them and bring them to life.

In addition to that, of all qualities in astrology, Fixed sun signs are also arguably the most trustworthy individuals who fancy titles and love “to-do” lists.

If one of the cardinal signs we just looked at says, “It’s time to go for a vacation,” fixed signs will contact the travel agencies, book hotels and tickets, and even send everybody lists of things they should pack.

Mutable Signs (Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini)

These Zodiac signs fall at the end of seasons, and therefore they have learned all the tough lessons winter, fall, summer, and spring have taught. They understand better than the other qualities in astrology that every good thing comes to an end, so their role in a team is to warm up all those involved for the changes in seasons.

More comfortable and flexible with change compared to the other sun signs, they can easily “chameleon” themselves and fit a wide array of situations. They are also editors in the horoscope – the ones responsible for completing the packages and applying final, winning touches.

Here is a straightforward way to think of the qualities in astrology. Cardinal signs will spark a plan, fixed sign will build it, and then mutable signs will perfect it using their critical eye.


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