Saturn Return in Astrology and Its Significance in Our Lives

saturn return in astrology

Saturn Return in Astrology and Its Significance in Our Lives

You must have learnt about Mercury Retrograde in astrology (and probably hated every second.) But have you learned about the Saturn Return in Astrology? It’s a lesser-known story in the zodiac realm.

And even if you celebrate each zodiac season like it’s your birthday, look up your horoscope on a daily basis, or know your Venus, Moon, and Mercury sign from memory, there is still a good chance this planetary occurrence has been flying under your radar all your life.

That said, before you start beating yourself up for astrological carelessness, understand that it makes total sense that most people do not know about this phenomenon.

Your Saturn return in astrology will take place when you’re 29 to 30 years old. So, if you’re yet to hit the massive 3-0, its okay if this information is completely new to you.

How does the Saturn return in astrology affect us?

Even if you do not believe in your Saturn return in astrology, I’d like to think we can all agree that venturing into our late 20s (or turning 30 for that matter) is a big deal in our collective imaginations.

According to mainstream social expectations and even sitcoms, it’s a period of time when we’re expected to start being plain, boring adults and stop “reckless behaviour.” And as you’ll see in this post, the astrological importance of this age is in fact, pretty similar; even though in very distinct terms.

Saturn takes approximately 29 years to revolve around the sun. In Astrology, this implies that between your 27th and 30th birthday, the planet will have completed its orbit and returned to the exact point it was at the time you were born. This astrological occurrence is what is known as your Saturn return in astrology. (If you’re yet to hit your late 20s, then this website will allow you to calculate your Saturn return in astrology.)

What’s more? Since Saturn is linked to sacrifice, hard work, and discipline, its return to the point it was when you were born will feel like when a strict teacher walks into a chaotic class (then extend that moment for roughly three years.)

The sole purpose of the phenomenon is to whip you into shape by throwing relationship upheavals, career challenges, and other hard to bear structural changes in your path. And yes, you’ll probably feel the effects of Saturn’s returns for years.

Everything related to your longevity and success is fair game to Saturn (as indicated on your natal placement), so expect it to push you into reevaluating the system that governs your life in order to shred them and start from scratch or improve upon them.

Having said that, I understand that a Saturn return in astrology can be difficult. But it isn’t without its benefits. A layoff may result in a career path epiphany and a break up may help you find yourself again. Whatever the silver lining is, rest assured that it exists.

How to handle your Saturn return in astrology

Life boasts a chain of lessons we learn as we grow. So, if you have been learning them throughout the way, you can rest assured your Saturn return in astrology will be a walk in the park. But if you’re the type of person who avoids responsibilities and life altogether, then your Saturn’s return is likely to be frustrating.

Luckily, however, regardless of how challenging it might be, it will give you a chance to make changes in your life – An opportunity you may never get again in your life. So I urge you to roll up your metaphorical sleeves and start taking your Saturn return in astrology seriously.

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