Romantic Compatibility In Astrology For All 12 Sun Signs

Romantic Compatibility

Romantic Compatibility In Astrology For All 12 Sun Signs

If you’re big into romantic compatibility and astrology, then you may be the kind of person who constantly reviews which signs best match up with yours or your friends’. You know, like which zodiac signs make up the most passionate mates? Or who make better friends (if that’s all you’re interested in)? Who should you stay away from? And who are you most likely to clash with?

There are a lot of questions we all ask ourselves when trying to find that special person in our lives, be it a significant other or a friend. And the good news is, you can turn to the stars to get your answers. Here is a detailed guide.

Romantic compatibility of each zodiac sign

  1. Pisces

romantic compatibility

The otherworldly Pisces are best known for their powerful clairvoyance, enchanting creativity, and sweet dispositions. This water sign is also said to be the best one if you’re looking for a partner that can pick up on nonverbal expressions, auras, and energies.

What’s more? Pisces’ are extremely open-minded individuals, making them perfect for open relationships. For that reason, like-minded water signs (Scorpios and Cancers) make great matches for them. Unlike deep-sea fishes, scorpions and crabs can walk on land, so a partnership with these water signs is assured to be extremely grounding and emotionally rewarding for our oceanic Pisces.

Pisces can also forge strong partnerships with their opposite sign, Virgo. Pisces and Virgos are both very generous, which means the two signs can benefit from one another’s support and kindness.

Now on signs that are least compatible with Pisces.

Pisces can be quickly wounded, and the fast-talking Sagittarius and Gemini can become quickly frustrated by their delicate egos. This further implies that Sags and Geminis might inadvertently end up hurting their feelings, which can, in turn, cause the gentle fishes to swim away.

So, if Pisces decides to go ahead and give it a try with a Sag or Gemini, then they have to remember not to take comments too personally and contemplate on emulating some of the two sign’s extroverted sensibilities.

  1. Aquarius

romantic compatibility

The progressive Aquarians are best known for their humanitarianism. These air signs are high-level thinkers and will be motivated by egalitarian-minded projects that improve, inspire, and revolutionize societies.

This implies that this water bearer’s romantic downfall is likely to stem from the fact they tend to pay too much attention to societies at large rather than those close to them. So it makes total sense that only like-minded air signs (Libra and Gemini) can appreciate the Aquarian energy.

The Aquarian’s big picture visioning will set the stage for Libras to perform and Geminis to explore. Similarly, Aquarians appreciate Libra and Gemini’s more lighthearted intellectualism.

When a Leo pairs with an Aquarian, the fire and air combination will create a surprisingly dynamic duo. Remember, Leo represents the king and Aquarius symbolizes the people, which gives a couple from the two a comprehensive understanding of societal complexities.

To the downsides.

At times, Aquarians’ idealism can become too righteous. This means Scorpio and Taurus may feel constantly attacked by their strict morality, and Aquarians may be put off by the signs’ hedonistic tendencies.

For that reason, if an Aquarian partners with a Scorpio or Taurus, the air sign needs to work on becoming tolerant of different world views and also learn how to appreciate the raw physicality of the two, highly sensual zodiac signs.

  1. Capricorn

romantic compatibility

The ambitious Capricorns work their hearts out to build security and safety in their lives. If you know some, then you know that they aspire to create solid foundations for their romantic partnerships, homes, and careers.

That said, in tarot, note that they are represented by the Devil Card and will play as hard as they work. They will look like business at all times on the outside, but on the inside, these sea goats are arguably the kinkiest zodiac sign.

With that in mind, like-minded earth signs (Virgo and Taurus) will most benefit from a Capricorn’s focused dedication, since the determined goat provides the kind of stability that all earth signs crave. Similarly, Capricorns will appreciate Virgo’s organization and Taurus’ sensuality, both of which will add nuanced layers to their tenacity.

What’s more? Capricorns might enjoy linking up with their opposite sign, Cancer. Cancers share more traditional views when it comes to romantic compatibility and is the most likely to build safe, domestic environments (when goats retreat to their secluded caves, crabs will seek solace in their shells.)

You know this section on Capricorn’s romantic compatibility would be incomplete without touching on their negatives.

A Capricorn’s fastidious life approach is not for everyone. The agreeable Libra and Fiery Aries may become frustrated by their stoicism whereas Capricorns might get exhausted by these signs’ flippant nature.

So, when dating a Libra or Aries, Capricorns need to remember that their lovers aren’t their assistants and that great partnerships are those built from mutual respect.

  1. Sagittarius

romantic compatibility

Symbolized by an archer, Sagittarius are always ready for adventurers. These fire signs are natural explorers, scholars, and philosophers, recognized by anyone for their infectious humor and captivating storytelling. They can be quite the heartbreakers, however, as they tend to boast the most epic sex drives.

For that reason, the key to attracting and keeping a Sag is allowing them to keep their freedom. That’s why like-minded Leo and Aries perfectly complement a Sagittarian’s wildfire. When two people form any of these blazing sun signs link up, the couple benefits from thrilling, creative, and passionate partnerships.

Opposite zodiac sign Gemini is also a great match, because both Sagittarius and Gemini believe in living their lives to the fullest, meaning that the inverted signs will support each other’s journeys towards self-actualizations.

Now on the downsides.

Since this fire sign is constantly changing its arrows, its people have a repute for being fickle and unreliable; meaning the sentimental Pisces and logical Virgos are most likely to be wounded by Sags’ approach to life.

When paired with a Pisces or Virgo, sags should ensure that they treat their lovers like their copilots. This means including your partner in your adventures and not forgetting to apologize whenever you hurt their feelings (and yes, Sag, that includes even when you did not mean to hurt them.)

  1. Scorpio

romantic compatibility

This list on romantic compatibility in Astrology would be incomplete without the fiercest zodiac sign.

Scorpios use their incredible intuitions to approach their passions with relentless dedication and manifest their goals – so it is no surprise that they also make very dedicated lovers and make love to their partners like their souls and lives depend on it.

While most signs tend to balk at a Scorpio’s intensity, fellow water signs, including Pisces and Cancer, embrace the sign’s energy.

Remember, like its fellow water signs, Scorpios are emotionally intelligent, and that’s why astrology’s similar sea creatures are more likely to enjoy diving deep into their psyches with Scorpios at the wheel.

Also, this powerful water sign is known for its compelling sexuality. The sexual appetite they possess is only best quenched by their opposite sign, Taurus. Taurus is regarded as the most sensual sun sign in astrology, so when the two are matched up, you can expect the couple to make the most erotic pair.

Just like all other signs in the zodiac, Scorpios also have a bad side. The sign moves in the dark and its schemes can appear manipulative and sneaky. For that reason, Aquarians and Leos are quickly put off by this sun sign’s evasive tendencies. Similarly, Scorpios can scoff at the two signs’ inability to hide their motives.

Note, however. Aquarians, and Leos are not necessarily judgmental individuals. They just hate feeling left out by the people they trust. With that in mind, when paired with one of the two signs, a Scorpio will have to learn how to share even their most secret motives with their air or fire sign lovers. Trust me, they will love to jump in on the fun as well.

  1. Libra

romantic compatibility

This zodiac is the aesthetes of Astrology.

The dapper, charming Libras love connoisseurship and are usually found shopping for the finest clothing, sipping wine in vineyards, or admiring modern artwork at galleries. They’re also, arguably, the most epic flirts in astrology. That explains why Aquarius and Gemini deeply admire this Venusian sign’s ability to appreciate art and culture or enjoy cultivating their own tastes within well-matched air sign relationships.

Represented by the scales, Libras also love being in pairs, making Aries interesting partners for them when it comes to romantic compatibility. Aries are also known for their fierce sense of independence, so when the two signs couple, they tend to create magnetic counterbalances (take the example of the infamous duo, Bonnie and Clyde.)

On the downsides:

Libras can become too consumed with their public image, and this people-pleasing sensibility will usually rub Capricorns and Cancers the wrong way. Libras, on the other hand, might get frustrated by Cancers and Capricorns’ cold intensity.

So, when matched with a Capricorn and a Cancer, Libras should showcase their dedication by paying the most attention to their lovers, instead of themselves (particularly in group settings.)

  1. Virgo

romantic compatibility

Virgos are best known for their unmatched intellectualism. People belonging to this earth sign are always processing information and prefer to express themselves through rational and logical arguments. They are also list-makers, explaining why this pragmatic sign will feel most stable and grounded when paired with fellow earth signs, Capricorn and Taurus. The two signs will value a Virgo’s attention to detail and analytical eye.

Another terrific match for Virgo is the opposite sign, Pisces. Both zodiac signs love helping out, and while a Pisces is a skilled emotional healer, Virgos lend a more practical hand when it comes to assistance around the house.

That said, when a Virgo’s meticulousness takes the turn for the worst, it often manifests in nitpicks and perfectionism. That’s why the intrepid Sagittarius and impulsive Gemini tend to be put off by Virgo’s neurotic tendencies, and the two will often clash if coupled.

When matched with a Sag or Gemini, Virgos are recommended to embrace the spontaneity of life and try not to get caught up in the details all the time.

  1. Leo

romantic compatibility

These individuals will not let you forget that they are kings and queens of the jungle.

The theatrical Leos are known for their cinematic romances, enterprising creativity, and passionate extravagance. You can rest assured that getting it on with one of them will be a royal experience you will never forget.

Thanks to the fact they are ruled by the Sun, Leos will shine most brightly if matched with a fellow fire sign; Sagittarius or Aries. A like-minded fire sign will embrace their thrilling charisma and feel comforted by their royal lover’s warmth and loyalty.

Aquarius, which is the opposite sign, is also a compelling match for this sign: Aquarius symbolizes the people and Leo represents the ruler. So rest assured that a couple of the two will create powerful checks and balances for one another.

Let’s look at their dark side.

Even though they hate admitting it, Leos can, at times, come off as too proud and egotistical. That’s why Scorpio and Taurus take issue with Leo’s brazen ostentation and the fiery lions might find themselves growling at the biting scorpions and stubborn bulls.

With that in mind, when matched with one of the two signs, Leos need to keep checking themselves to ensure that their motives are not excessively self-serving and they gradually adopt more easygoing attitudes that ensure equally balanced relations.

  1. Cancer

romantic compatibility

This water sign is ruled by the moon, and even though lunar Cancers are overly sensitive creatures, they usually have to establish loyalty and trust before revealing their vulnerabilities. That’s what makes their fellow water signs, Pisces and Scorpio terrific partners, as they’re both known for their psychic abilities and incredible intuition.

When matched together, the signs can even communicate through nonverbal expressions.

The downside of Cancers is that they struggle with direct confrontation and will usually prefer sidestepping any difficult situations. That’s why the diplomatic Libra and outspoken Aries aren’t fond of the sign’s passive-aggressive tendencies, and romantic compatibility between the two tends to prove challenging.

  1. Gemini

romantic compatibility

Being in a relationship with a Gemini is nothing short of an exhilarating experience. These air signs are regarded as the social butterflies of astrology and will constantly pursue stimulation through daily adventures and deep conversations (and yeah, the constant stimulation includes the bedroom.)

Like-minded air signs, Aquarius and Libra, will appreciate the Cancers’ vivacious intellectualism and clever wit, making them perfect matches.

On bad days, however, Geminis have a reputation for being unreliable and flighty, meaning the intuitive Pisces and logical Virgo may struggle with the sporadic energy. They take Gemini’s capricious energy too personally.

  1. Taurus

romantic compatibility

Tauruses are best known for their romanticism, practicality, and appreciation for the finer things in life. Expect to find them indulging their senses through delicious cuisine, enchanting aromas, and soft fabrics.

That’s why the hardworking Capricorn and pragmatic Virgo will admire the bull’s awareness of life’s luxuries and feel enchanted by its Venusian qualities. The opposite sign, Scorpio, is another interesting match for Taurus, as they’re both linked with transformation and can share valuable lessons regarding regeneration and change.

The dark side of Tauruses is that they also have a reputation for being stubborn and hard-headed individuals. They easily find their horns locked with the other obstinate signs (Aquarians and Leos), removing any romantic compatibility between the three signs.

  1. Aries

romantic compatibility

Aries are best known for their insatiable desire to be the best, exciting impulsivity, and fiery energy. On good days, being in a relationship with an Aries feels like partnering with a fierce and unstoppable warrior.

On bad days, however, an Aries’ strong temper tantrums and willpower quickly become slightly juvenile. They may also become cranky if you do not show enough physical affection, which includes both sex and snuggling.

With all that info in mind, I bet you can already tell that matching with an Aries is not a feat for the faint of heart, and that’s why we leave the job to fellow fire signs, including Sagittarius and Leo. The two of them will be inspired by Aries’ determination and enthusiasm, which will in turn ignite their own creative energies and entrepreneurial passions.

There you have it, my detailed guide on romantic compatibility in astrology. If you love the content, then I urge you to check out this guide on how to read and interpret your natal chart.


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