7 Steps To Reading Your Natal Chart: How To Get One And The Interesting Things It Can Tell You

Reading Your Natal Chart

7 Steps To Reading Your Natal Chart: How To Get One And The Interesting Things It Can Tell You

Here is a spoiler alert. When reading your natal chart (AKA birth chart,) I suggest you look beyond your sun signs. Under the moon lies the true magic.

I married my wife in April, moved to England from the States in May, changed jobs in June, and turned 32 in July. From that alone, you can tell that 2009 was a massive transitional year in every aspect of my life.

That said, at first, I attributed this huge transformation in my life to it maybe being the Jesus year and merely an insane coincidence. Little did I know that according to my birth chart, everything that had happened was supposed to happen.

But before we get to the main section of the post and look at what a natal chart is, how you can get one, and what reading your natal chart can tell you, let’s look at my experience getting exposed to my natal chart the first time.

My experience of reading the natal chart

I met the person that introduced me to astrology a few years before moving to England while taking yoga lessons in Austin, Texas. After telling me about what she did, it sounded quite interesting, so I decided to join her listserv. Even after leaving the United States, I stayed one of her most loyal leaders, thanks to her applicable approach when it came well-being and relatable advice for whenever one is faced by challenges.

Now, if you’ve been following my posts for a while, then you know I’m a classic Virgo, curious and analytical. So it had always felt as if there must have been a reason my entire life transformed (new career path, different area code, a wife) in what felt like, overnight.

That’s why when my ex-yoga instructor said that she was offering virtual birth chart reading opportunities, I instantly jumped at that chance so I could learn more (about myself, of course.)

And based on how many astrology related articles and social media accounts I’ve come across over the years, I can safely assume that I was not the only person interested in diving in and learning a tone about themselves.

In fact, people have paid attention to the realm of horoscopes since 2000+ BC to better underrstand their existence in this world. But it’s likely becoming more popular in this age because more people keep looking for reprieves from their highly distracting, modern lives.

Reading your natal chart will allow you to get real close and honest with your real self, and maybe even reset. After all, we can both agree that it’s impossible to understand other people before understanding ourselves first.

Anyway, on our video conference day, my instructor kicked off the session by asking me what I intended to attain from her reading my birth chart – then proceeded to pull out one card from her “animal spirits deck” in order to help me shift my focus.

For the next two hours, she slowly dissected my birth chart, assessed specific planetary actions and how they applied to me, and even looked to the planetary events’ movement in the coming months. Most importantly, she recorded the entire session and sent it to me so I can check it out anytime I feel confused or overwhelmed.

Now, so you can understand my moon, sun, and rising signs, let’s start by looking at what a natal chart even is.

What is a natal chart?

You are probably accustomed to sun sign astrology, which is basically the horoscope you’ve come across countless times on the internet helping you understand different aspects of your life using the twelve sun signs.

But when your natal chart has been specifically tailored to you, that’s when it becomes your natal or “birth chart.” The round diagram above that looks like a fortune or wheel spinner will be calculated according to your minute, place, and date of birth and then it’ll be sent to you so you can use it when reading your natal chart.

It’s a picture detailing where the position of the planets at the time you were born. If you’re not familiar with ruling planets, ensure you check out this post.

Anyway, as you can tell from the details required, no one can get the same reading as you will, unless that person’s details (including the date and minute you were born) match yours. But with approximately 250 births a minute worldwide, it is very unlikely that you’ll be sharing an identical birth chart with a lot (if anyone) of people.

Another thing worth noting, don’t let the symbols on the birth chart scare you away. I understood what all of them meant in less than a week.

Is reading your natal chart advised?

If you have ever come across something you couldn’t understand or interpret, (or maybe you’re simply transitioning ‘getting married, new job’ and are feeling like you’re in need of some guidance) reading your natal chart will be extremely beneficial.

Also, you’re advised to check out your natal chart at least yearly (if you can, quarterly.) To take it a step further, I recommend buying books that help you understand how you can be your personal astrologer or maybe even start writing blogs and articles about the discipline (like I do.)

That said, before getting started reading your natal chart, I urge that you be realistic, ready to learn, and stay open-minded. I understand (from experience) that it’s extremely exciting to realize that you’ll be solving a lot of mysteries about your own personality; but let’s get one thing straight, reading your natal chart isn’t equal to fortune-telling.

The realm of astrology is not a textbook science either and it will not tell you the person that’s going to become your wife/husband and/or where you can find them. But it will help you co-create your experience alongside the universe, which in turn gives you a lot of free reigns over the decisions you’re going to make moving forward.

Astrology is the tool that’ll tell you when it’s time to push your pedal, and when it’s time to press the brakes.

Now, before taking a look at what my natal chart taught me about my Moon, Sun, and rising signs, let’s look at the process required to start reading your natal chart.

  1. Getting Started

reading your natal chart

In order to kick off your astrology journey, you have to know a few essential details about yourself, including where you were born, the timer you were born, and the day you were born. Using these details, the platform (or astrologer) will map out which sun sign each planet was in at the exact moment you were born.

Btw, note that in astrology, the Moon, Pluto, and the Sun are also counted as planets.

With that in mind, I presume you’re familiar with your zodiac sign or the sun sign that the sun was aligned with at the time you were born (as I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I’m a textbook Virgo.) When you’re reading your natal chart, you’re simply learning about your sign in depth.

That said, also note that the sun signs that the planets (especially the moon) were aligning with when you were born have a major impact on the type of person you are.

Reading your natal chart if it’s well made will tell you about your family, the life your parents brought you into, about yourself, and even what your soul intends to heal and/or attain in your lifetime. Also, if you choose to find your natal chart online, it’s okay.

But note that if you’re new to the discipline, you’ll likely end up missing or misinterpreting some interpretive details you could have easily got right if you had consulted a real-life astrologer. In addition to that, simply reading a list out of context online can end up creating a lot of misunderstandings. But when you’re well versed with what your natal chart says, you’ll be on the safe side.

  1. The Sun

reading your natal chart

As noted before, there is a great chance you know your sun sign already. That is the sign you’re supposed to select when reading your natal chart. It is also one of what most astrologers call the “three legs” of the natal chart – the ascendant sign, the moon, and the sun.

The sun will speak about your Ego, the ‘you’ that drives you to be the type of person you are as well as how you identify with yourself. In a nutshell, your sun sign will reflect the person you are at all times, regardless of the person you’re with or the activity you’re partaking in.

  1. The Moon

Here comes the 2nd leg of reading your natal chart, and where it is placed will tell you the moon sing that belongs to you.

The moon will speak about your emotional self and what you need to feel nurtured, safe, and secure. You go to your moon when you need to restore yourself. With that in mind, the sign the moon happens to be in at the time you were born reflects the side of you that very few people get to see, and it is what will usually guide you when you’re in need of direction.

For that reason, it’s safe to note that your moon sign will be the ruling force over your decision making.

  1. Your Ascendant Sign

Also called the rising sign, this is the third leg your natal chart stands on and is based on the constellation that was on the horizon at the exact moment you were born.

Your ascendant sign will reflect the way those around see you. So whenever you meet people for the first time, they likely meet your rising sign.

But note, the ascendant signs change every three hours or so, and that is why having the EXACT time of birth is essential before generating and reading your natal chart.

  1. The Inner Planets

personal planets in astrology

Inner planets include Mars, Venus, and Mercury, in addition to the moon and the sun (as mentioned.) Note that all planets carry meaning that varies from one chart to the next, but as a general rule of thumb, the inner planets (AKA personal planets), can describe one’s core personality desires, needs, and traits.

Mercury rules the mind and communication, Mars rules your overall energy and actions, and Venus rules your love life.

With that in mind, let’s say, for instance, Venus was in Aries at the time you were born. That could indicate that you’re flirtatious, playful, and more driven when it comes to love since all these qualities are associated with the sun sign Aries.

To put it simply, the main characteristics of the sun sign a certain planet was in when you were born will influence those aspects of your life.

  1. The Outer Planets

After talking about the inner planets, it’s only fair we touch on their big brothers, the outer planets.

But unlike the inner planets, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter’s respective influential areas are more abstract. Instead of determining things that make you ‘YOU’, they’ll reflect on things that will make your life special.

Pluto rules your transformation and power, Neptune rules how you heal and dreams, Uranus rules change, Saturn rules your self-discipline and fears, and Jupiter rules luck and progress. How these planets are placed when you’re reading your natal chart will signify what you should look forward to in these areas.

  1. Your Ruling Planet

reading your natal chart

Once you understand the parts of your life every planet rules, you’ll have a head start when it comes to comprehending the significance of the planet associated with your ascending sign (that’s what a ruling planet is.)

The planet’s qualities will tell you more about yourself, what rules your behavior, and the things you value.

Here is a great example. If your sun sign is Gemini, then your natal chart’s ruling planet will be Mercury. And thanks to the planet’s influence, I can presume you’re likely intelligent, clever, and talkative. You will also be affected more by Mercury’s movements and orbit, particularly when it’s in retrograde.

I know, all these steps are a lot to digest right now. But do not let early intricacies of reading your natal chart discourage you from getting yours.

Understanding My Moon, Rising, and Sun Signs

As I promised before, here is how my instructor interpreted my natal chart during our video call.

We started by walking through my sun sign as it represented what I was evolving into. I’m a Virgo, and that meant I was all about paying attention to details and working hard.

I realized my rising or ascendant sign is in Capricorn, which signified how those around me see me. Apparently, I’m obsessive about little things. I live for making lists and crossing the list off. Honestly, I won’t deny anything there.

The next essential element in my natal chart was the Moon. I learned my moon sign is Libra, which means I firmly believe and feel that everything should be just & fair and that I avoid conflict and seek peace & harmony.

We also took advantage of the opportunity to reflect on my significant year, 2009.

It turns out that April was filled with Scorpio activity and Jupiter, the planet responsible for gifts and blessings, was in Scorpio when I was getting married. Since it’s the sign of resurrection, death, and life, Scorpio tends to constantly reinvent itself and embrace the different cycles of life.

So basically, Jupiter’s energies were magnified positively and abundantly (not forgetting transformatively.) If I had learned all this back then, I’m confident I wouldn’t have done anything differently, but at least I would know to embrace the stressors and frictions that were brought by the reinvention.

If you love this article on steps to reading your natal chart, I’m confident you’ll love this one on the importance of repeating numbers in astrology and what they mean.

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