4 Positive Traits of Leo Zodiac Sign – The Best of Leo

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4 Positive Traits of Leo Zodiac Sign – The Best of Leo

Positive traits of Leo Zodiac sign. If you’ve been following our blog series on the positive and negative traits of all the different Zodiac signs then you will know that each and every sign has its good points and its bad.

In this guide, we look at the positive traits of Leo – what does it mean to be a Leo? Why are people drawn to those with this Zodiac sign and what are some of the best things about being a Leo or knowing a Leo?

Naturally, there’s a bad side too, and just like our guide on the Taurus sign, we’ll be including one for Leo to give a well-rounded view, but these are more than offset by the positives.

We should also say that there are sometimes exceptions, and people might not be stereotypical Leos, but reading through this guide you will probably see a lot of traits of the Leo that you recognize in those you know born in this part of the year.

Positive Traits of Leo

Confident and Often Outgoing

Leos are happy to be the center of everyone’s attention. This means they don’t mind being looked at and they don’t mind being on stage, or just taking control of a certain situation. Just like the Aries, they are great leaders because of their outgoing nature and the fact that they are not afraid to front up.

In social situations, this confidence is often evident. Do you have that friend who can always be the center of attention in a social group? They may well be a Leo.


Leos aren’t the only Zodiac sign who are great leaders, but they certainly are. This isn’t just because of their confidence either, they are born to be problem solvers. Their thinking is creative in the respect that they can find problems and build a solution. They do this faster than others tend to and their enthusiasm rubs off on other people.

The confidence they have often leads to other people following the actions of a Leo. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. If they wanted to, a Leo could lead you astray with their leadership. They tend to be loyal, but they are prone to a little bit of mischief. Normally, they can be trusted, and they will make great leaders either at work, in a sports team or in any other aspect of life.

This article even discusses why you should do business with a Leo. Their leadership plays a huge part in their business acumen.


Sometimes you will wonder how a Leo gets all the energy they have in life. If you find something that they are passionate, and they care about then they are very likely to give it their all, and this energy can rub off on others, too.

Combined with their leadership and confidence, Leos can also often find that it is the ideal combination to build their careers, and they will often go on to be pretty successful in life. This energy truly can be infectious.


Leos tend to have a lot of respect for other people. No backstabbing to get what they want in life, and they are good people to build a friendship or other relationship with. You can almost always rely on a Leo when it comes to the important things in life, and they know how to do right by other people.


As you can see, there is a lot to like about Leos and there is something very captivating about the charm and leadership of someone from the Leo Zodiac sign.


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