Positive And Negative Relationship Traits Of The 12 Zodiac Signs

Positive And Negative Relationship Traits

Positive And Negative Relationship Traits Of The 12 Zodiac Signs

Let’s get a few things out of the way before looking at the positive and negative relationship traits of all 12 zodiac signs.

Whether you’re the kind that checks their horoscope compulsively every day (welcome to the club) or prefers to take anything astrology-related with a grain of salt, we can all agree that only a few of us can say they are 100% where they want to be in regards to relationships.

Chances are you want to get out of one, want to be in one, or want good advice that’ll help you deal with whatever issue you’re facing at the moment with your significant other. And if you’re anything like me when it comes to relationship and dating challenges, you agree that it pays to be an open-minded individual about all advice, mainly since you never know which tidbit may end up helping you secure THE ONE.

If you agree, then that’s where this guide on positive and negative relationship traits comes into play.

But also note that as with all things relating to the zodiac realm, the advice I’ll give today will never be all-encompassing. So a few of the sun sign tenets may not really apply to you. But if you’re hell-bent on doing this right, then I recommend getting your comprehensive natal chart and reading up on zodiacal tendencies for all major planets in your chart.

Here is a great example. I’m a Scorpio with a Taurus rising, a moon in Gemini, and a Venus in Taurus. Now, instead of taking any Scorpio-related positive and negative relationship traits at face value, I should also be smart and start looking into Gemini sign tendencies (because your moon will dictate your emotional M.O.) and Taurus tendencies (because your Venus sign will influence how you behave in relationships.)

Without further delay, let’s skip to the main section of the post and look at the:

Positive and Negative Relationship Traits of the 12 Zodiac Signs

  1. Pisces

positive and negative relationship traits

If you’ve been following my posts for a while, then you know I like starting them on a high note. So to switch it up slightly in today’s article, we’re going to start by looking at a sign’s list of strengths before looking at its weaknesses.

With that in mind, Pisces are intuitive, loving, and capable of making spiritual connections through partnerships. Their love is of the purest form and don’t expect anything back. All they want to do is love and be loved. For that reason, if you’re looking to create peaceful partnerships and be with an individual that helps you learn how to let go and trust the flow, then find yourself a Pisces.

That said, even though they’re filled with sweetness and love, that doesn’t mean they will always act on their thoughts and feelings. This usually leaves their partners frustrated because they (partners) think they are not appreciated or that they’re not long term players in their partners’ goals.

So, if you’re dating a Piscean or are a Piscean yourself, you need to learn how to act on your good intentions and also get used to demonstrating your love and commitment to your partner. The best way to achieve both is to come up with shared plans.

  1. Aquarius

positive and negative relationship traits

Aquarians are interesting, fair, and loyal. This makes them excellent problem solvers who’ll do everything in their power to come up with solutions that end up pleasing their partners as well. To top it off, they boast amazing social skills.

Not only will they be great friends to their partners, but they can also help their partners find and enjoy diverse circles of friends.

On the downside, Aquarians are best known for being the detached sun sign. This doesn’t always mean they do not care. In fact, far from it. Their problem is that they analyze everything logically and try their best not to involve emotional conversations.

My best advice to this sign is that they should learn how to acknowledge and verbalize how they feel, as this will allow them to connect in a better way with their partners. If you’re dating an Aquarian and need to learn how you can help them envoke their emotions, I recommend initiation conversations around things they care deeply about, such as family and their taste in books, movies, and music.

  1. Capricorn

positive and negative relationship traits

The next sun sign in our guide on positive and negative relationship traits is Capricorn.

Capricorns are dedicated, reliable, and always focused on long term commitments. It does tend to take them a long time before turning over their hearts to others; but when they do, you can rest assured they love intensely. Capricorns are also hard workers and constantly keep planning for the future.  The combination of the two makes them the best at everything they do.

Too bad their strength is also their greatest weakness. Capricorns can easily end up too focused on their ambitions and goals, which can in turn leave their partners feeling isolated. They are arguably the hardest working sun sign in the zodiac, and you, as their partner, will have to keep reminding them from time to time that the two of you need to spend time together.

If the person cares about you, he/she won’t have trouble freeing some time from their busy schedule. If not, then expect him/her to be inflexible and reluctant to share responsibilities with you. They don’t like relinquishing the control they have over their lives.

  1. Sagittarius

positive and negative relationship traits

Sagittarians are well known in the realm of astrology for their ability to keep things exciting in their relationships, which in many ways helps their partners expand their horizons. They also usually have the ability to easily adapt and excel in international relationships, thanks to their ease when it comes to expressing their emotional and physical passion.

Now to the bad side. Since these individuals have a sense of adventure, it can easily come off as flirtatious when they’re interacting with the opposite sex. Note though, this doesn’t mean that they’ll cheat on their partners. It just means that their carefree attitude may make most partners uneasy.

Sagittarians can use their positive and negative relationship traits to their advantage by learning that those they’re in relationships with are not as independent as they are and will need some reassurance from time to time.

If you’re in a relationship with a Sagittarian, also note that you might need to give him/her the respect and space he/she needs to express him/herself.

  1. Scorpio

positive and negative relationship traits

There is a reason Scorpios are famously known as the sexy sun sign.

They’ll make their partners feel desirable and are also great lovers in the bedroom. If you’ve ever encountered one, then you know that they also prefer to create deep, emotional bonds with their partners and are also willing to change dynamics whenever relationship problems arise.

But even though Scorpios are masters in the realm of extracting emotional details from their lovers, they tend to be closed books when its time to share their own feelings. Scorpios’ partners will need to take time to dig a little deeper and find out everything going on under the surface.

  1. Libra

positive and negative relationship traits

Libra itself is called the sun sign of partnerships. If that doesn’t scream they make great partners, I don’t know what does.

They are wired for teamwork, collaborations, and cooperation. They are also masters at the art of compromise and negotiation. This makes them generous lovers as well and also means they can teach their partners a lot about how one can establish fairness in their relationships.

But just as with everything in life, Libra also packs some weaknesses under their sleeves. Most of the time, they’ll choose to keep their feelings a secret when they know speaking might rock the boat. And when that happens, their partners fail to address the issue that may be bothering the Libra, which in turn, could result in a build-up of hidden resentments.

To be even better partners, Libras need to learn how to speak their minds for themselves and also shed off passive-aggressive behaviors so they can end up enjoying more fulfilling relationships.

  1. Virgo

positive and negative relationship traits

Virgos are willing to do anything to please and take care of the people they love. They even have a knack for getting in tune with what their partners really need in an effort to make them feel special. That alone shows you how reliable they are and what sensible decision-makers they are.

However, in their efforts to be reliable, Virgos tend to become perfectionists, and will usually set unrealistic expectations for themselves as well as those that surround them. For them to become better partners in their relations, Virgos need to learn how to let little stuff go. I also know that they love being in control, but they can slowly learn how to share responsibilities with others.

For those dating Virgos, I recommend you come up with thoughtful, specific details that let your partners know you’re thinking of them. You can rest assured they’ll appreciate this effort in a way that’ll count.

  1. Leo

positive and negative relationship traits

Leos are all heart. They’ll love the people they’re in a relationship with unabashedly and most of them will be even extremely generous with their affection, resources, and time. They are also experts when it comes to keeping things fun, which in turn helps their significant others get more joy from the relationship and life in general.

The only problem with Leos is that they tend to forget the needs of their significant others because most of them are working toward their personal goals. Remember, they’re some of the hardest workers in the realm of astrology.

This downside makes them likely to take their significant others for granted while at the same time expecting to get treated like kings or queens (without reciprocating.) With that in mind, if that sounds like you, you need to do some thinking.

I understand that most of the time, your forgetfulness is subconscious. So I suggest you stay conscious of your partner’s needs (even set reminders if necessary) and in a few weeks, you’ll realize that your subconscious will have adapted as well.

If you’re dating a Leo and are looking for a way to spice up the relationship, make it fun and playful. Think of activities that can generate a lot of smiles, carefree goofiness, and laughter.

  1. Cancer

positive and negative relationship traits

If you’ve checked out my post on worst assumptions people make about Cancers, then you remember that the individuals are affectionate, loving partners who will be willing to do just about everything for the people they truly love.

They are champions, safe heavens, and confidants for their partners; and you can rest assured they’ll not shy away from showing their significant others how much they value them by helping them express and share their emotions as well.

Now, since Cancers are fine-tuned emotionally and boast the ability to identify what they’re feeling at all times, it can translate to moodiness or lead them into believing their partners should be able to communicate their feelings just as easily and well.

If you’re a cancer and are looking at how to improve in your relationship, then you need to realize that not everyone is as emotionally sensitive and intuitive as you are. When you remember this, then you can give your significant other the benefit of the doubt he/she requires.

  1. Gemini

positive and negative relationship traits

Gemini are best known for their ability to keep a relationship interesting at all times. Their flexibility is what allows them to go with the flow even when life presents unexpected challenges. This means they can be more effective at helping their significant others move forward whenever they’re stuck, and their natural ability to assess things from all angles makes them excellent at problem-solving.

That said, Gemini’s tend to have a hard time living in the moment because they overthink things and love anticipating future hypothetical scenarios.

This means that they can easily forget to appreciate when something great is happening in their present-day and their partners may end up feeling slighted.

If you’re dating a Gemini, then your goal should be keeping it interesting, since that may help them live more ‘in the moment.’

  1. Taurus

positive and negative relationship traits

From experience, I can attest that Tauri are generally faithful and reliable. They are perfect planners, which can help keep their significant others grounded and always on track. Their sensuality also makes them amazing lovers, and more often than not, great cooks.

On the flip side, Tauri are not the best when it comes to establishing emotional intimacy and being flexible. Of all 12 sun signs, they’re the least likely to roll with it when their partners deviate even slightly from the plan.

With that in mind, to make them better partners, Tauri need to learn how they can open up emotionally and stop making all relationship decisions from a practical standpoint. Instead, they should learn to make decisions from their hearts.

  1. Aries

positive and negative relationship traits


Aries are passionate individuals and are very good at physically expressing what they feel for their partners. They are also natural motivators and will usually encourage their significant others to take action and chase what their hearts truly desire.

Now, since they are perceptive individuals, they do understand that sometimes, people have to stand alone against the mob for things they believe in, and once they do it themselves, coordinating and compromising with others after that can take a lot of practice.

The best thing to do as their partner is to be patient with them as they find their way back to trusting other people.

If you like this article on positive and negative relationship traits of all 12 sun signs, then I’m confident you’ll love this one on retrograde planets in astrology and their meaning. Check it out and don’t forget to leave a comment.

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