Numerology in Astrology – What one of the 9 numbers says about you

numerology in astrology

Numerology in Astrology – What one of the 9 numbers says about you

In regards to numerology in astrology, expert astrologers believe that we need to observe numerical patterns in our daily lives to understand the world around us.

And that’s not all numerology in astrology has to offer. This spiritual practice will also help you understand your inner world in an in-depth manner.

That said, to take advantage of numerology in astrology, you first need to determine your life path number, which is a single digit that can reveal your deepest values, what kind of person you are, and all the challenges you’re likely to face in your lifetime.

To find your single-digit life path number, just take your birth date and reduce it to a numerical value using addition. Here is an example.

Let’s say you were born on September 2, 1995. You’ll first have to separate the values of the year, month and day. September is the ninth month, so its number is 9. Your day of birth is obviously 2, and finally, your birth year is 1995.

Consequently, break down the birth year as follows, 1+9+9+5=24; then add the sum of the two digits (2+4=6).

Now, let’s add the three numbers (including your birth month and birth date) together. 6+9+5=20.

Depending on your birth date, you may end up with a double-digit number, as shown in the example I just gave you. If that happens, just keep reducing until you get down to a single-digit number.

In this case, 2+0=2. So your Life Path number is 2.

If you’re not willing to do the calculations yourself, here is a site that’ll take care of everything for you.

With your life path number in mind, let us skip to the main section of the post and look at:

What life path numbers and numerology in astrology mean

Life Path 1

This number means you’re a leader and your values include autonomy, independence, and individuality. The challenges you are likely to meet in your life include developing a greater sense of self-confidence and a voice of your own.

Life Path 2

Those who fall under this Life Path are the Diplomats in life, and their values include love, balance, and partnerships. If that’s your life path number, then your greatest challenge is tapping into your emotional sensitivity and using it in order to connect with others.

Life Path 3

This is my favorite. If you got 3, then that means you’re the socializer in your group and your values include fun, self-expression, and creativity. Your main challenge in life is to remain optimistic (but realistic) when you’re bombarded with difficulties.

Life Path 4

Those born under this life path are the workers, and their values are health, discipline, and structure. The challenge they face the most is balancing their ambitions and their need for security during uncertainties.

Life Path 5

The 5th life path is a free spirit. So, if you love change, movement, and adventure, you can rest assured you’ll get along with anyone born under this life path. That said, their main challenge is finding some sort of daily structure that works for them.

Life Path 6

People whose life path number is 6 are natural nurturers, so it’s not surprising that their values include long term goals, family, and responsibility. For these individuals, their greatest challenge is to make their home a comfortable space for themselves and others.

Life Path 7

Getting the 7th life path means you’re the intuitive kind, and your values include imagination, introspection, and meditative thought. Your main challenge is listening to your rational side as much as you do your intuitive side.

Life Path 8

The 8th life path is the power player, and those born under this numerology value success, material things, and authority. Their biggest challenge is learning when it’s helpful to exert control and when they’re better off letting other people take over.

Life Path 9

The last, but by no means, the least life path represents the humanitarians. These people value acceptance, understanding, and compassion. But their biggest challenge is coming from new experiences a little wiser.

That’s it. If you liked this content on numerology in astrology, I’m confident you’ll love this one on elements in astrology.

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