4 Negative Traits of Scorpio – The Bad Side

negative traits of scorpio

4 Negative Traits of Scorpio – The Bad Side

Negative traits of Scorpio do exist, and although this sign tends to produce people who are loyal and loving, there are some traits that are less desirable. We’ve already created a guide on the positive traits of Scorpio, so to balance it out, here are some of the negative traits.

Also, it is a little bit of a subjective thing to discuss, as something that one person sees as positive, someone else might think of as negative traits of Scorpio.

We’re doing these negative and positive posts for all of the different zodiac signs, so this is certainly not designed to be a swipe at the Scorpio. In fact, it is a better option to learn more about the way a Scorpio’s brain works in order to have better relationships.

Negative Traits of Scorpio

On to the negative traits of Scorpio zodiac signs, how can we spot and tackle the negative traits, and understand how a Scorpio brain works?

Possessive and Jealous

A Scorpio may be more prone to jealousy and being possessive. If we tie this to the positive traits, Scorpios tend to be very loyal and loving in a relationship and they care intensely about those who they are close to, however, this can lead to some negatives such as a jealous streak.

Often Scorpios know that they are like this, and therefore don’t let it get the better of them. However, it is possible that they can feel like they need the attention of those they love. This means that when they aren’t getting that attention they can get jealous.

The possessive nature doesn’t stem from a mean place, it actually comes from the Scorpio having a strong value of a relationship and how much they care about those closest to them. However, it can be difficult if you are close to a Scorpio.


Scorpios can be resentful and hold a grudge. This guide puts them in the list of “grudge holder” zodiac signs. They might not immediately get angry, instead, over time, they might become more resentful and then eventually get their revenge. Often, they don’t let little things go. So, Scorpio zodiac signs are not those to get on the wrong side of.

Bossy and Controlling

A Scorpio loves to be in charge, and if they are not they might find it tough to deal with, this can come across as them being bossy and trying to take control of a situation. Actually, Scorpios are driven and they are hard-workers, so if they are put in charge in a work environment, they can be very effective. If they are told to take orders, they might find this a bit more difficult and can get bossy and controlling when working as a member of a team.


It’s not always a negative, there are a lot of ways that insecurity can be a balancing trait rather than a negative trait of Scorpio. However, being insecure can often lead to Scorpios constantly trying to measure up to others. As you can imagine, this doesn’t really help when it comes to the jealousy that some Scorpios struggle with anyway.

Being insecure could be a part of what drives a Scorpio. If it is controlled and understood it is not always a bad thing.


Every zodiac sign has positives and negatives, and if you properly understand a zodiac sign then all of the traits can be turned into a positive in their own way, or at least the negative traits of Scorpio can be controlled and people can start to curb the negatives that might annoy others.

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