Negative Traits of Libra – The Bad Points of Libra

positive traits of libra

Negative Traits of Libra – The Bad Points of Libra

Negative traits of Libra. All zodiac signs have their positives and negatives. The traits we find can define a lot of aspects of the personality, and looking at the positive and negative traits of Libra and other zodiac signs can help us to better understand the way they are thinking.

This is no character assassination, instead, it is a way we can all better understand zodiac signs, behaviors, and the way that the people we know and love act based on when they were born and the star charts. Our astrology chart app can help people to better understand more about when they were born and the way they are likely to behave as a result.

There are always some exceptions to the rules, but reading through these traits you will probably start to recognize aspects of Libran personalities based on people you know, or even of yourself (if you are born a Libra).

Negative Traits of Libra

On to the negative traits of Libra, obviously this is slightly subjective, something can be a positive trait sometimes and a negative trait at others, but generally, those we’ve described below are considered to be less than ideal.


Libras like the finer things in life, and though there is nothing wrong with that, it can sometimes lead to a bit of overindulgence or even carelessness with money.

This is a bit of a paradox, as Librans can also be incredibly charitable at times, and generous toward others. However, they can also be drawn to buying things that they see as exciting, fun, or just new. They might love indulgent tech or fashion, and not be willing to “slum it” with things that aren’t brand new. This can lead to them ignoring their charitable side, too.


Libras like things to be a certain way, and sometimes to look a certain way. This can sometimes lead to someone who is a Libra being a little bit superficial or caring too much about things like looks when looking for potential partners, or just when interacting with people on a daily basis.

Most of the time, Libras love things to be beautiful, and this can include people.

Can Be Controlling or Manipulative

This is something else that doesn’t necessarily come from the meanest place. Libran people like things to be a certain way, they may wish for everything to be done exactly how they see fit, and if not, they can become angry or even controlling. They don’t always communicate this properly, and this can lead to them becoming vindictive and controlling in other ways to try and achieve the outcome they want in a situation.

Holding Grudges

A Libra is not someone to get on the wrong side of. They might not instantly argue or get into an altercation, but one of the negative traits of Libra is that they are far more likely to bear a grudge and can even desire to get even in the long run. If they get the chance for revenge, they’re one of the zodiac signs likely to take that chance.


Some Libras can be adverse to change, and this can lead to them being indecisive and leave it up to others to make the big decisions in life.


After looking into the negative traits of Libra it should definitely be said that they are generally good people, with kindness and a love of doing what is right. Libras love balance in their life and are positive in most scenarios, which means they may suppress some of the negative urges and traits they may have. We all have them, and sometimes they get the better of us, but Libras is actually one of the more peaceful signs of the zodiac.

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