4 Negative Traits of Leo – The Dark Side of Leo

negative traits of leo

4 Negative Traits of Leo – The Dark Side of Leo

Negative traits of Leo exist in conjunction with their positive traits. All Zodiac signs have positive and negative traits and this is no exception at all. The negative traits of Leo aren’t more severe or worrying than other Zodiac signs, we’re not picking on Leos! Just like every sign, there are good characteristics and bad.

As part of our horoscope and birth chart app we have created profiles of a lot of the different Zodiac signs, which can help you to understand how each sign works. What makes a Leo tick? We’ve already discussed loads of positive traits, but now, it is time to delve into some of the negative traits of Leo.

Of course, some of this is a bit subjective. Not all people will see these traits as negative, but most agree that Leo does have a bit of a dark side.


In our guide to the positives of Leo, we talked about how Leos make good leaders, and this is true as long as they have obedient people to take charge of. They will expect everyone in their “team” to bow to their knowledge, and they may not like to be questioned.

If you have ever had a boss who seemed to lose his or her rag if they were questioned then they could be a Leo. They can have a fiery temper and this can be triggered by their authority being questioned.


Leos are driven, and that’s a very good thing, but they can also be selfish and take an introverted view of what is important in life. Sometimes, a Leo can become angry if they don’t get their own way in a certain scenario, especially if they can’t see the logic in a decision.

Though it is not always the case, and Leos are loyal people, they may think of their own needs before the needs of others. This is certainly true in the case of kindness to strangers, as a Leo might think of their urges as more important. Leos aren’t bad people, of course, but this trait can come from their desire to get their own way.


Once again, we’re talking about one of the negative traits of Leo as something that stems from their proud and competitive nature. Leos are so driven that sometimes it can become an issue. They want to succeed, and they want to be successful, but if they aren’t seeing that success then they may become jealous.

In extreme circumstances, a Leo may even be compelled to manipulate a situation or become angry as a result of being jealous of somebody else. A Leo sibling can be a nightmare at times for this exact reason.

They Can Seem Condescending or Patronizing

This isn’t always the case, and it may not even come from a particularly mean place. Instead, it comes from the Leo drive to be successful, or even to seem like they are above other people in the pecking order. The language they use sometimes can come across as condescending because of this, even if it is totally subconscious.

This isn’t uncommon. In fact, according to this guide, half of all Zodiac signs have some potential to come across as being condescending or looking down upon others.


If you’ve ever spent time with a Leo then some of these traits might start to make a lot more sense. Leos are fiery, and they want to be top dog (or top lion) but they’re not bad people. A Leo will often evolve over time to realize where their urges and potential flaws come from, so they can address them.

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