Negative Traits of Gemini – 4 of the Worst Gemini Traits

positive traits of gemini

Negative Traits of Gemini – 4 of the Worst Gemini Traits

Negative traits of Gemini. Every different sign of the Zodiac has its pros and cons, good things and bad things, and both positive traits and negative traits of Gemini should be considered.

We don’t make our lists of negative traits as a way to cause an issue, instead, it is a good way to allow people to fully understand one another. Knowing what makes a Gemini tick is a great way to know how to deal with them, help them and understand them fully. Our horoscope and tarot app is a good way to establish the outlook of a Gemini as well as what the future has in store.

Gemini (born between May 21st and June 20th) are ruled by the twins, and this can sometimes lead to them having something of a split or contradiction in their personality. Many of the traits tie back to this mixed and sometimes unpredictable psyche.

We definitely need a sort of “disclaimer”. Not all of these Gemini traits are always negative. There is an element of subjectivity.

Negative Traits of Gemini


The leadership of the twins and the constant conflict that can be going on within a Gemini’s mind can mean that they find it hard to make a decision. Not only do people from the Gemini zodiac sign find it incredibly tough to make decisions, but they can also sometimes shy away from making decisions altogether.

This can have the knock-on effect of Gemini not making the best leaders. It can also lead to a lack of direction in life, as Gemini people don’t really find their path as easily as some others.

Carefree and Impulsive

Gemini can be a little bit careless and act on their impulses, so they do not really think about the consequences of their actions. A rush of blood can lead to a Gemini making a pretty bad call. They aren’t often prepared enough to weigh up the pros and cons of the situations, and definitely don’t have a backup plan if something goes wrong.

What is more, Gemini can sometimes get angry and frustrated if they end up in a scenario that is less than desirable.

In this list, Gemini has been named as one of the most impulsive Zodiac signs. It comes in second on the list, only behind Aries.


This is one thing that can be more subjective than a lot of the other negative traits of Gemini. A little bit of anxiety can be a good thing and give more of a balanced view, something Gemini people sometimes need. However, too much anxiety can certainly be a bad thing.

It’s not the fault of someone from the Gemini zodiac sign if they suffer from anxiety, but it is less than desirable and can have an impact on some of their thoughts and relationships, as well as stopping them from taking action.

Materialistic and Judgemental

This isn’t the case for every Gemini, but many are materialistic and judgemental, or at least have the capacity to be. Sometimes, people born within the Gemini zodiac sign can have the potential to value the wrong things in life, and put a little bit too much value on things like material possessions.

Some of those with a Gemini sign can judge others for possessions or other things such as the way they look. This might be an impulse that they fight and not every Gemini is like this, of course.


There is a lot to like about people from the Gemini zodiac sign, and we will be covering those in more detail in an upcoming post, but these traits are things you are likely to see in the makeup of a Gemini.

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