4 Negative Traits of a Virgo

positive traits of a virgo

4 Negative Traits of a Virgo

Negative traits of a Virgo exist, just as every other Zodiac sign. Each sign has its own associated traits, sort of like the pros and cons of belonging to a certain sign of the Zodiac. In this guide, we’re looking into the negative traits of a Virgo and the sort of personalities and issues that people belonging to this sign tend to have.

It may seem a little bit harsh to point out the negative traits. Don’t worry, our astrology App and blog are going to go through all of the Zodiac signs at some point, so we’re not picking on Virgos. Instead of picking apart the Virgo character, we’re simply pointing out some of the things they may struggle with, or traits they might possess.

Everyone has different characteristics that are often tied to their Zodiac sign. For all the negative traits, there are positive traits too. So, now that’s explained, let’s move on to the traits that are commonly associated with a Virgo.

Negative traits of a Virgo

Perfectionism (or Being Anal Retentive)

Striving for something to be perfect isn’t a bad thing in and of itself, but perfectionists can apply their high standards to other people, or to projects they are a part of. A Virgo may have a habit of finding the flaws or looking at the bad in a situation. For instance, they might spend lots of time redoing things or criticizing the job someone else has done.

For example, a Virgo can be an annoying boss. They may want things done exactly their way, and they could lose patience pretty quickly if it is not.

Being Tight or Miserly

A Virgo may not be the most generous and laid back person when it comes to their wealth. This may stem from insecurity. People who worry about things like this usually look at the worst-case scenarios. They might be worried about their bank balance, and as such, be the last to buy everyone a round of drinks!

It usually isn’t a personal thing. Some people from the Virgo Zodiac sign lack in self-esteem, which means that they simply underestimate their financial capabilities. This can lead to tightening the purse strings.

Hypochondria and Paranoia

This is another trait that may have its roots in insecurity. People who don’t have the highest self-esteem and confidence can be paranoid. Combine this with the slightly anal-retentive personality trait and you may see that someone from this Zodiac sign is rather phobic of germs and worries about getting ill.

This is a trait that doesn’t come from a negative place. There is no malice or attention-seeking, it just comes from a slight lack of confidence that can exist in some Virgo people.

Finding it Hard to “Open Up”

A Virgo can take a long time to trust someone. They’re a therapist’s nightmare in this respect! However, whether this is one of the positive or negative traits of a Virgo is up for debate. Trusting people too easily can cause untold problems in the future.

A Virgo will come across as a closed book when you first meet them, but this can change over time, and they still form meaningful relationships.

Summary – Negative Traits of a Virgo

A Virgo has loads of positive traits, too. They are hard-working and creative, and often very intelligent people. Understanding both the positive and negative traits, and where these traits stem from, is a good way to better understand a Virgo in your life.

If you are a Virgo yourself, it can also help you to understand some of your patterns of behavior and the things you are drawn to in life.


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