Mercury Retrograde – What It Means and How it Affects Us

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde – What It Means and How it Affects Us

For a significant portion of the year, your astrology and birth chart app allows you to blame every single thing going on in your life on Mercury Retrograde.

Do you ever experience periods where no one understands you? Traffic sucks, people start arguing over insignificant issues, your cell phone formats itself, and your desktop decides to crash while you’re typing the last words of your “Next Great American Novel.”

Flights are canceled and delayed, you forget your passport at the office while on your way to the Maldives, people change plans without warning you, and your friends decide to stand you up. Even if you are not a drama queen, we can both agree that this is just Too Much for one person to handle.

And if that happens to you, chances are you are smack in the middle of Mercury retrograde.

What does Mercury Retrograde even mean?

The word retrograde is derived from the Latin word retrogrades, which means “backward stepping.”

With that definition in mind, as the name mercury retrograde implies, it is when Mercury appears to be going backward in its orbit, as seen from our planet. Astronomers have been observing this phenomenon since ancient times and refer to it as “apparent retrograde motion,” since it’s just an optical illusion and the planet isn’t really moving backward.

Here is how you can visualize the retrograde motion. Imagine two runners are in a race and you’re one of them. You’re both sprinting, but you’re behind, so you try your best to catch up with the runner in front of you. As the other runner starts getting tired, he or she will start slowing down. But if you keep your sprinting pace steady, you’re going to fly past the runner.

And even if the other person is still in motion, to you, it will appear like he or she is running backward as you run past.

How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Us

If you checked out my post on planets in astrology, then you know that Mercury rules all forms of travel, communication, signal, logical thinking, and all sorts of connections. All these areas go haywire during Mercury Retrograde.

And since successful business partnerships, romance, friendships, and creative projects all depend on effective communications, astrologers recommend that we slow down, take a step back, and revise how we would like to move forward. And the best way to do this is reconnect, redefine, revisit, and reclaim the energy represented by the retrograde planet (in this case, Mercury.)

Forcefully pushing forward in the same way we were doing before mercury retrograde hit will only lead us into walls of resistance in all directions.

That said, I also want you to understand that things are not DESTINED to go wrong during Mercury Retrograde. The period just means that things can go wrong more quickly than usual, and there are lessons we can learn during the phase.

So, to conclude; as the cliché states, “What you resist will persist.” So the best way to survive this cycle without having a nervous breakdown is to embrace the chaos and lack of control. Isn’t control an illusion anyway?


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