Free Horoscope Apps – Their Importance and Why People Believe Them

Free horoscope apps

Free Horoscope Apps – Their Importance and Why People Believe Them

Free horoscope apps allow us to engage in one of the most ancient practices – Astrology. And thanks to their ability to deliver on-demand information regarding oppositions, eclipses, and retrogrades, Astrology has seen an exponential increase in fans over the last couple of years.

In fact, according to a study carried out by Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan fact tank, millennials qualify as the least religious age group but more than 60 percent of them believe in New Age spirituality and free horoscope apps.

In addition to that, according to IBISWorld, the Psychic Services Industry (which includes Astrology) in the United States increased its revenue by an annualized 1.6% over the last five years and hit a total of $2.2 billion in 2019. It’s projected to continue its growth as more people embrace the sector.

And with such a growth curve coupled with technology, change was inevitable. People who need to know what their stars hold in store for them do not have to flip to the last page of a magazine anymore to check out their horoscope. Today, they can simply pick up their smartphone and open the free horoscope app installed on the phone.

According to App Annie, an analytics platform, there are currently 11,000 astrology apps to choose from today. And most of them, such as Horoscopius, use data from NASA and professional astrologers to provide readings and allow users to check how compatible they are with their partners and friends.

Others also provide daily tarot readings.

Why do a lot of people believe these free horoscope apps?

One way to think about horoscopes and astrology is as tools for self-knowledge. Getting grouped into categories encourages us to evaluate ourselves and figure out how we deviate and fit into the groups in question.

For instance, learning about your astrological element and planet sign (which directs your emotions) may encourage you to assess and reflect on your emotional inclinations. This reflection is essential to one’s progress.

Free horoscope apps’ attribution of personal traits to external forces will also make it easier for you to honestly assess your qualities; both positive and negative. When the planets and four elements on earth are credited for achievements and sins, there is less reason for self-flagellation.

In simpler words, the free horoscope app’s positive spin on personal characteristics encourages healthy self-regard.

What’s more? Astrology apps’ attention to outward forces encourages us to be aware of our limitations as well as how we should respond to the limitations. I compare this idea to the belief that a huge portion of our lives is determined by factors we cannot control, such as to whom and where we are born, but that we get to choose how we respond to the circumstances. Even more important, astrology apps allow us to recognize and have sympathy for other people whose paths may be blocked (or laid) by circumstances.

To conclude,

Whether you consider free horoscope apps and astrology to be farce or fact, it has become a huge portion of people’s daily routines; just like checking weather forecasts.

On that account, I’m off to deal with a compelling solar eclipse, #Capricorn.

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