5 Worst Assumptions People Make About the Cancer Zodiac Sign

Assumptions People Make About the Cancer Zodiac Sign

5 Worst Assumptions People Make About the Cancer Zodiac Sign

This guide on assumptions people make about the cancer zodiac sign will show you why you shouldn’t assume you understand someone simply because you know their zodiac sign.

Cancer is one of the astrological water signs our sun visits during the zodiac year. And just like their element, people born under this crab sign proudly and clearly tend to show their aquatic predispositions, which include flexibility and emotional intelligence.

That said, these individuals also have to deal with quite a few assumptions. Much like Pisces (another water sign), people associate Cancers with hypersensitivity and clinginess.

Worst yet, others assume that Cancers are so wrapped in their emotions that they are impossible to get to know and understand.

Needless to say, all these are just broad stereotypes, and it’s ridiculous to believe that all Cancers spend all of their time in their feelings.

In honor of the upcoming Cancer season, let us take a look at the five worst assumptions people make about the cancer zodiac sign.

  1. They are crybabies

I know, Cancers are an emotional zodiac water sign. But that does not translate to tears. Ruled by the Moon, the Crabs have a tendency to be too emotional, which makes them more protective and sensitive than anything.

They don’t let people get the best of them either. So even though Cancers may open up to their closest friends, they are not going to break down in front of individuals they do not feel comfortable with.

  1. They are basically hermits

It’s true: Cancers are the greatest homebodies. But that does not mean they are glued to the couch or total recluses. For the longest time, the Cancer sign has been linked to domestic life and family matters, which shows in the pride cancers take in their homes.

In fact, if you know several Cancers, chances are they would like to invite you over sometimes. They are not the ultimate social butterflies, but they love welcoming their friends into their household. The only problem is, they will probably make you work for the invitation.

  1. They play people hot and cold

After sharing even the slightest shred of their emotional state, Cancers zodiac signs tend to dummy up (so to speak.) Sometimes, they may even completely shut out whoever is on their emotion’s receiving end. As I hinted earlier, Crabs don’t find it easy to open up, which sometimes takes them to the point they will start second-guessing their decision to be vulnerable mid-sentence.

So if you were not aware of Crabs’ fear of oversharing, take my word for it.

They are not trying to be emotionally manipulative. They are just finding it hard to break out of those crab shells of theirs.

  1. One can’t keep up with their moods

To be fair, most crabs can experience more feelings in less than 20 minutes than other zodiac signs may experience in an entire day. At times they will clue you in on what is causing their inner tumult, but they’ll prefer to keep it under wraps most of the time.

Do not let these changes deter you from trying to get them to open up.

Think of them this way: if those born under this aquatic sign were a body of actual water, they would be a river. This means their feelings are always changing and flowing within them, making them process most information on a purely emotional level.

So just give them a little time and they will cool down.

  1. They’re too clingy

They want to go with you everywhere. They want your opinion on everything. They have decided that you are their go-to partner for all events in their life.

This is actually the case with most aquatic signs. When they let you in, they believe you are in for good.

Thanks to the Moon, their emotional ruler, Cancers have deeply nurtured and maternal instincts, which makes them exceptional caregivers. But if you are not used to this kind of treatment, all the attention might be stifling.

Lucky for you, Crabs are just as open to sharing as they are to listening. Let them know when you’re feeling overwhelmed and you’ll see how fast they come to the rescue.

As you can see, unlike the assumptions people make about the cancer zodiac sign, individuals born under this sign are just empathetic and compassionate. They are there when their friends need to vent and are familiar with all the feels.


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