• Romantic Compatibility
    If you’re big into romantic compatibility and astrology, then you may be the kind of person who constantly reviews which signs best match up with yours or your friends’. You know, like which zodiac signs make up the most passionate mates? Or who make better friends (if that’s all you’re
  • Void of Course Moon
    You may have never heard of the void of course moon, but it still does affect your life to an extent. If you’re new to the study of astrology or are the kind of person who reads their horoscopes regularly, then I’m confident you know that the moon is a
  • Personal Planets In Astrology
    There are 5 personal planets in astrology you’ll find in your natal chart – and these define your personality. If you’re new to the realm of astrology, note that we’re all born with special horoscope charts made up of ten planets, but only a small portion of these are referred
  • Reading Your Natal Chart
    Here is a spoiler alert. When reading your natal chart (AKA birth chart,) I suggest you look beyond your sun signs. Under the moon lies the true magic. I married my wife in April, moved to England from the States in May, changed jobs in June, and turned 32 in
  • Positive And Negative Relationship Traits
    Let’s get a few things out of the way before looking at the positive and negative relationship traits of all 12 zodiac signs. Whether you’re the kind that checks their horoscope compulsively every day (welcome to the club) or prefers to take anything astrology-related with a grain of salt, we
  • Astrological Keys To Prosperity
    People turn to astrological keys to prosperity to test their luck in life in the hopes that passing the test will open all the doors of prosperity and goodness to them. Honestly speaking, every single of us is a glutton for a life full of good health, luxuries, and comforts