• signs of a great astrologer
    What has inspired me to create this detailed guide on signs of a great astrologer? Well, general interest in the discipline of astrology has skyrocketed overwhelmingly over the last couple of decades. No longer relegated to dusty backrooms of occult stores, this ancient practice has finally taken its rightful place
  • greek origin of the 12 zodiac signs
    Chances are, you are familiar with your sun sign and have an idea of what it may reveal about you, but are you aware of the Greek origin of the 12 zodiac signs? Every zodiac sign is tied to a certain constellation and all these constellations boast their own origin
  • Misconceptions About Astrology
    Today’s post on misconceptions about astrology is meant to share some things you ought to know about this ancient and powerful discipline that has been long misunderstood. I also hope that the post will allow you to separate this cosmic guide from fiction so you can use it to fulfill
  • Wedding Gift Ideas
    Yup, this post on the best wedding gift ideas for every zodiac sign includes the hard to shop for Scorpios. Some individuals check their horoscopes from time to time just for fun – but others are so much into astrology that they can recite the details of their rising sign,
  • Romantic Compatibility
    If you’re big into romantic compatibility and astrology, then you may be the kind of person who constantly reviews which signs best match up with yours or your friends’. You know, like which zodiac signs make up the most passionate mates? Or who make better friends (if that’s all you’re
  • Void of Course Moon
    You may have never heard of the void of course moon, but it still does affect your life to an extent. If you’re new to the study of astrology or are the kind of person who reads their horoscopes regularly, then I’m confident you know that the moon is a