• Repeating Numbers in Astrology
    I vividly remember my introduction to repeating numbers in astrology. It was immediately after the distressing terrorist attack against the United States in 2001 and I had just started diving into studies regarding the human consciousness. Anyway, as you already know, the mainstream media was referring to the event as
  • Electional Astrology
    Of all things you can do with astrology, electional astrology is arguably the coolest. If you believe in “going with the energy flow of the universe and not against it”, then you’ll be pleased to know that electional astrology is all about that. This discipline allows you to do the
  • Guide to Astrology Terms
    Just like all other disciplines, astrology comes with its own long glossary, and that’s what inspired me to create this comprehensive guide to astrology terms commonly used by astrologers as well as zodiac fanatics. That said, it goes without mentioning that I may accidentally leave a term or two on
  • Main Aspects in AstrologyMain Aspects in Astrology
    Before touching on the main aspects in astrology, we need to understand the basics of astrology itself. Loosely explained, astrology is all about the symbolic relationship between us, humans, and the planets. In order to comprehend this relationship, however, we need to start by studying the planets’ relationship with each
  • positive traits of gemini
    Positive traits of Gemini. All zodiac signs have traits that seem negative and traits that are definitely positive. Gemini is no different, and there is a lot to love about people born into the Gemini zodiac sign. We’ve already covered what a lot of people see as the more negative
  • positive traits of gemini
    Negative traits of Gemini. Every different sign of the Zodiac has its pros and cons, good things and bad things, and both positive traits and negative traits of Gemini should be considered. We don’t make our lists of negative traits as a way to cause an issue, instead, it is