• astrology ruling planets
    If you’re a fan of astrology, then you’re probably aware of which Star/Sun sign you are depending on the time and day you were born. I am also willing to bet that you know the element linked to your sign. But did you know that there are astrology ruling planets and
  • horoscope guide for beginners
    We are a few months in and this year has already proved that it’s the year of horoscope for all stargazers. And if one of your resolution this year was to get acquainted with your astrological DNA, then this post on horoscope guide and  Astrology guide for beginners has got
  • which zodiac sign is the smartest
    One of the most useful things about a zodiac sign is the fact it can be used to establish traits, personalities and even give us a clue as to things like how smart someone is likely to be. Which zodiac sign is the smartest? What can your horoscopes tell you
  • Pregnancy Horoscope Prediction
    Pregnancy Horoscope Prediction – Having a baby can be one of life’s biggest blessings, but the process of trying to get pregnant can be trying. People are sometimes desperate for help, if you and your partner are trying to conceive and struggling, you might find that the answer can lay
  • planets in astrology
    Today, we’re getting acquitted with planets in astrology and their significance to your zodiac sign. Traditional horoscopes only focus on someone’s Sun sign, which is the sign you will usually find online or in newspapers. It relates to the position of the Sun at the time one was born. But
  • horoscope love match
    Finding love in your life can be one of the most challenging aspects to deal with, and people are constantly looking for new ways to find their horoscope love match. In the modern age of dating, there’s more choice than ever. Using your zodiac sign or horoscope to check whether