• Reading Your Natal Chart
    Here is a spoiler alert. When reading your natal chart (AKA birth chart,) I suggest you look beyond your sun signs. Under the moon lies the true magic. I married my wife in April, moved to England from the States in May, changed jobs in June, and turned 32 in
  • Positive And Negative Relationship Traits
    Let’s get a few things out of the way before looking at the positive and negative relationship traits of all 12 zodiac signs. Whether you’re the kind that checks their horoscope compulsively every day (welcome to the club) or prefers to take anything astrology-related with a grain of salt, we
  • Astrological Keys To Prosperity
    People turn to astrological keys to prosperity to test their luck in life in the hopes that passing the test will open all the doors of prosperity and goodness to them. Honestly speaking, every single of us is a glutton for a life full of good health, luxuries, and comforts
  • Retrograde Planets In Astrology
    Retrograde planets in astrology are not broken or backward. So whether you were born with one or are nervously eyeing off the next one in the sky, you can relax because they can be advantageous as well. The key is to understand them so you can maximize their beneficial effect
  • Astrology Chart Shapes
    Before looking at the different astrology chart shapes, let’s start with the basics and make sure we’re all on the same page. An astrology natal chart (also known as an astrology birth chart) is a map that shows where every planet on its journey around the Sun (as seen from
  • Phases Of The Moon In Astrology
    This is your ultimate guide to the importance of phases of the moon in astrology. But for those of you who are new to the discipline, the phases of the moon in astrology basically refers to how the moon appears to us from Earth. And before getting to the main