• Celebrity Astrological Profiles
    Julia Roberts might be America’s Sweetheart, but her personal astrological profile hints at a more mysterious, much darker, and intense side. Drew Barrymore’s chart is overflowing with romantic Pisces energy, and Calista Flockhart’s Venus is in Libra, explaining those teeny tiny Ally McBeal miniskirts. With that brief introduction in mind.
  • Using Playing Cards For Divination
    I’m confident you’ve heard the age-old saying that goes, “it’s all in the cards.” However, I don’t think you knew that the idiom has its roots in cartomancy, which is the ancient art of using playing cards for divination. Way before playing cards were used to play Egyptian Rat Screw
  • Medical Astrology
    You’ve just stumbled into the astonishing world of medical astrology, where trained individuals have the ability to look at your birth chart based on the time and date you were born in order to spot potential weaknesses of an organ or system in your body. As you may already tell,
  • Tarot Reading
    The last couple of years have seen a spiking interest in all things mystical, tarot reading being one of them. For some individuals, this discipline is an impressive party trick and a way to wow friends while hanging out. For others, however, tarot reading is a sacred and powerful tool
  • Stages Of Life
    What is it about certain ages and stages of life? We keep hearing the term midlife crisis getting thrown around frequently these days. Is it a new phenomenon? Well, astrology can answer both questions – simply because the discipline works with cycles and understands how the planets’ orbit corresponds to
  • Learning Astrology
    “Everyone makes mistakes while learning astrology”… is something you’ve heard a lot if you’ve been studying this discipline for a while. The statement is true, but to help soothe the inevitable sting of disappointment as you train to become an expert, I have identified the 6 most common mistakes most