Astrological Keys To Prosperity For All 12 Sun Signs

Astrological Keys To Prosperity

Astrological Keys To Prosperity For All 12 Sun Signs

People turn to astrological keys to prosperity to test their luck in life in the hopes that passing the test will open all the doors of prosperity and goodness to them.

Honestly speaking, every single of us is a glutton for a life full of good health, luxuries, and comforts – all of which can only be attained with a steady source of income (which will, in turn, require a successful professional life; either through owning a business or working a job.)

That said, we all know that business ladders aren’t as easy to climb as they sound – mainly because one requires enough resources, decision-making capabilities, necessary skills, and most importantly, fate needs to be on that person’s side.

Often times, individuals do almost everything right but still fail to take their ventures to new heights or experience growth at extremely slow rates; and what most of them do not realize is that cosmic reasons could be pulling them back.

That’s what inspired me to create this detailed guide on astrological keys to prosperity. And as you will learn throughout the post, if you’re trying to figure out your keys to success, look no further than your own sun sign.

Astrological Keys To Prosperity For All 12 Sun Signs

  1. Pisces

Astrological Keys To Prosperity

Pisces are undeniably gentle souls who’re wise, intuitive, and compassionate. They’re like baby Yodas of the astrology realm.

Another strength of these individuals is that they’re artistic, which usually comes out in the form of musical interests or skills.

That said, if this is your sun sign, even though you’re extremely compassionate, you also tend to be fearful and sad. You easily trust those around you, and when things do not work out, you let your emotions run high, which in turn gets the best of you and gives you a victim mentality.

So even though most people who learn about your struggles might feel sorry for you, if you don’t stop whining, it’ll get too old too fast and won’t help you move any further on the ladder of success.

One of your first astrological keys to prosperity is learning how not to dwell in negativity. Depending on the life and career path you have chosen for yourself, use it as a creative outlet for your emotions in a positive way instead of sharing your challenges with the world and anyone that’ll listen.

  1. Aquarius

Astrological Keys To Prosperity

With the world currently filled with negativity, you’re one of the few people who can make things better.

One of the main strengths of people born under this sun sign is that they’re humanitarians. They genuinely care about the well-being of everyone, and I guess we can both agree that’s commendable.

Having said that, even though these individuals are progressive, independent, original, and are naturally inclined to lend a hand to those in need, people born during Aquarius also tend to shun personal relationships and connections. They’re aloof individuals and always run away from emotional expressions.

Even when helping others, these people keep emotions at an arm’s length.

As expected, if this sounds like you, then know that it can hold you back from prospering, especially if your field requires getting close people with your mates. I know work relationships are not meant to get emotional, but when you’re actively trying to not connect with someone, they can feel it most of the time and this usually results in awful workplace relations.

In addition to that, another weakness you have is the fact you tend to be a bit temperamental, so make sure you keep your temper in check in your line of work after learning of anything particularly upsetting.

  1. Capricorn

Astrological Keys To Prosperity

If you’re a Capricorn, then I bet you’re amazingly self-disciplined. While others need to get pushed just to get things moving, you’re great at pushing yourself into making things happen, and as a result, that may easily have you get pushed into managerial positions.

On the downside, even though you might be amazing at managing and pushing yourself, you don’t really do well when it comes to managing others (or even getting managed by another.) Your hard work leads you into believing you know it all, which makes listening to criticism and following directions a hassle for you.

But, even if you own a business and are self-employed, you’ll inevitably be working with others, which means you’ll need to learn humility and accept that you cannot do everything. That is essential to success.

Plus, nobody’s perfect. Not even you.

Even worse, condescending others is part and parcel of your character, and you’re always expecting the worst form others.

So, remember, the most important astrological keys to prosperity you should be focusing on are training to have a positive outlook and being willing to learn from others.

  1. Sagittarius

Astrological Keys To Prosperity

You’re idealistic, have a great sense of humor, and are a great friend all around. Generosity is another obvious strength you possess, but also note that it’s a quality you need to monitor closely.

Your natural inclination is to give. The only problem is, most of the time you end up promising way more than you can deliver; and as we all know, making it in our careers is next to impossible when one fails to meet expectations and promises.

With that in mind, astrological keys to prosperity you should prioritize include promising less and also learning a better sense of things you can (and can’t) accomplish. In fact, most of the time, it is better to do way less and deliver than agree to do more but fail.

Another weakness that may be holding you back from financial freedom is your impatience, which tends you to make immature decisions, regardless of how bad they are.

Given we’re living in the age of the internet, you must take into account things you say when angry, because a video of you going on a crazy rant inside a restaurant can resurface five years later when you’re just about to make it big in life.

  1. Scorpio

Astrological Keys To Prosperity

A Scorpio is the type of sun sign whose features are befitting of any popular hero. They are passionate, resourceful, brave, and wonderful people to know. I don’t know Indiana Jones’ birthday, but I’m confident he was a Scorpio.

But as we know, heroes aren’t perfect either. You might be a brave one, but that also implies you’re predisposed to violence. This kind of weakness has a way of manifesting itself in a lot of ways (all negative of course) in your life, hence holding you back from your true potential.

Think about it, would you even be willing to work with an individual that’s prone to starting a fight.

Other negative features of Scorpios include they are jealous, secretive, and distrusting. Those you come across will be instantly attracted to your courage. But after hanging out with your for a while, they’re likely to get turned off by your movie-esque weaknesses.

So, your astrological keys to prosperity include learning how to trust those your work with better and be understanding of their situations. The two will also help you be less violent.

  1. Libra

Astrological Keys To Prosperity

Your Libra strengths are particularly great for leading positions. You’re social, gracious, diplomatic, and cooperative. Any company requires such qualities in its leaders, and the bright side is that they’re already embedded in your personality.

That said, another thing that makes a great leader is an individual who is confident while making decisions – and unfortunately, being indecisive happens to be one of your greatest weaknesses. You’re also the kind of person that avoids confrontations, which implies that whenever you fail to express yourself, you build up grudges against your “transgressors” and sometimes even developing a strong sense of self-pity.

The best thing you need to learn is having honest conversations with yourself. This will help you gain more confidence, and when that happens, all other astrological keys to prosperity that apply to you will unfold seamlessly.

  1. Virgo

Astrological Keys To Prosperity

In addition to being both kind and loyal, you’re also an extremely practical and hardworking individual. These are particularly essential astrological keys to prosperity when you’re just starting out building your career.

You’re also a master at analyzing information, which in turn makes you a fantastic asset in any field because you’ll be able to find practical solutions to complex problems and come up with amazing strategies for success.

One of the biggest things holding you back, however, is how much you tend to worry. Whether you’re worrying about circumstances around you or simply being overly critical of your actions, it severely gets in your way of attaining success. Also, due to this weakness on your part, you may end up developing an extremely shy personality, which, as we can both agree, is a shame because you have a lot you can offer.

The shyness will be as a result of worrying about every single step you take and being so self-critical.

To overcome this, you ought to remind yourself that certain things are out of your control and have faith that as long as you’re doing the best you can, that is all that matters at the moment.

  1. Leo

Astrological Keys To Prosperity

Your strengths make you the type of person everyone wants to hang out around. You inspire everyone you come across with your generosity and passion, and you’re also humorous, creative, and cheerful.

Having this level of charisma is a great path to attaining success. That said, you need to learn how to cub your arrogance and stubborn sides that are more than likely holding you back from your full potential.

People like your charm, but a lot of them can also see the shadow of your big ego. So practice more self humility, and be open to letting others take control in situations you know they’re better suited than you are.

You tend to be lazy as well, which as we can all agree doesn’t move you forward in the path toward success.

Work on all these weaknesses and you can rest assured you’ll unlock your astrological keys to prosperity.

  1. Cancer

Astrological Keys To Prosperity

You have some of the most diverse (and fantastic) strengths compared to other sun signs. Emotion, imagination, sympathy, loyalty, and tenacity are all part and parcel of your character.

In addition to these character strengths, you’re an extremely persuasive individual. Chances are you have successfully talked your way out of traffic tickets at some point in your life, which some people might agree should be considered a superpower and not just a mere personality strength.

Anyway, this post is aimed at helping you realize your astrological keys to prosperity, and we cannot do that just by touching on your strengths.

Your weaknesses include being insecure, manipulative, suspicious, and pessimistic. Weaknesses such as these are particularly harmful if you want to cultivate relationships with other people. Allow yourself to trust those around you and you can rest assures success is inevitable.

  1. Gemini

Astrological Keys To Prosperity

One of your many strengths is the fact you can learn pretty quickly and are adaptable. You won’t come across a lot of people with this ability, so it gives you an advantage in life.

Some of your other strengths include a curious nature, an affectionate and gentle personality, and the willingness to change ideas.

Your personality’s weaknesses, however, do not help the situation one bit. You’re indecisive, inconsistent, and nervous. Even though you might adapt fast, having the confidence to back it up is a must if you want to progress.

To beat these weaknesses and realize your astrological keys to prosperity, I recommend you start by giving yourself a nice pep talk at the start of every day, at the very least. It’s also essential to have conviction in every decision you make.

When you decide to go for something, go for it 100 percent and don’t let anything get in the way. Always remember that doing things half-heartedly never helped anyone achieve success.

  1. Taurus

Astrological Keys To Prosperity

You’re the type of friend your friends can always count on, and we all need at least one of you in our lives. In an era where individuals do not follow through on things they promise, I hope you understand how crucial it is you learn how to keep your word. To top off being responsible and reliable, you’re also devoted, patient, and stable.

All these are great strengths that will play a huge role in helping you find great long term opportunities.

That said, you know this post on astrological keys to prosperity would be incomplete without highlighting the weaknesses holding you back from your greatness.

You’re a very possessive and stubborn individual. And if you’re trying to succeed in the love arena, we all know being possessive is the last thing you want to be.

With that in mind, the best way to learn from your possessive instincts is learning to hold back negative conclusions about negative situations and trusting that others can go about their day without doing something that may end up hurting your emotions.

See the best in others.

Some of the time, you can also be stubborn to a point of uncompromising, and unless you’re willing to compromise a lot of the times along the way, you can rest assured attaining success is unlikely.

Not all situations will turn out the way you want them to and that is OK. I’m confident even Steven Spielberg compromises from time to time in his realm of film-making.

  1. Aries

Astrological Keys To Prosperity

If you’re an Aries, you process a wide array of qualities that’ll help you in the right direction toward success. You are optimistic, passionate, honest, determined, and courageous. You actually also qualify as one of the most driven zodiac signs.

That said, you also have essential weaknesses you need to be mindful of. Regardless of your level of resiliency, you’re also impulsive, aggressive, and impatient. To combat these cosmic weaknesses, I recommend you take a moment to slow down, breathe, and acknowledge that we are not on the same timeline. Be patient and wait for your turn to strike.

Also, try spending time doing an activity like yoga or interact with nature. This will help you curb your aggression.

That’s it. If you like this article on astrological keys to prosperity, I’m confident you’ll also love this one on the seven astrology chart shapes and their meaning.

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