10 Assumptions about the Scorpio Zodiac Sign That Are Actually True

Assumptions about the Scorpio Zodiac Sign

10 Assumptions about the Scorpio Zodiac Sign That Are Actually True

There are, arguably, more assumptions about the Scorpio zodiac sign than all other eleven sun signs – even than Geminis (who tend to have mercurial tendencies and dual personalities.) And the truth is, we all make assumptions about things.

In fact, most of our deeply held beliefs can better be described as assumptions. That said, while most assumptions we make turn out to be false, some of them do turn out to be true. And today we’ll be looking at assumptions about the Scorpio Zodiac signs that are actually true.

Without further ado, let us skip to the main section of the post.

Assumptions about the Scorpio zodiac sign

  1. They are private and secretive

Best of luck trying to get a secret out of anyone born under the Scorpio sign, particularly if it’s about something that really matters. They will never tell you everything you want to know, and will most certainly not tell you about their failings and insecurities.

  1. More sexual than average

The main thing Scorpios are well known for is being particularly sexual beings and possessing a generally sexy aura that’s above average. But this does not translate to what most individuals think. It means that when a Scorpio is committed and in love, they are extremely sexual and will be willing to try what others aren’t.

But note that Scorpios do not fall in love quickly or easily.

  1. Distrustful

Scorpios don’t trust anyone easily. According to them, they have to test and evaluate you (and you can rest assured they will test you.) Someone under scrutiny won’t know they’re being tested, but they will know whether they have passed or failed.

  1. They’re independent individuals

Scorpios are ferociously independent to a point of fault. They love being in control of every aspect of their life and refuse to feel controlled, which mostly means they’ll choose to stay alone that the average individual in most situations.

  1. Passionate

Scorpios’ ruling planet and water element control their passions, allowing them to derive their strength from the emotional and psychic realm. Their passion is also fiery and continuously burning in an oftentime calm, cool exterior.

  1. Mysterious

Scorpios have a mysterious aura surrounding them. Just when you’re confident you have one figured out, he/she turns around does something to remind you that you will never be able to understand him/her 100 percent.

But if it makes you feel any better, they are a mystery to themselves as well.

  1. Manipulative

Scorpios are calculative creatures who reflect good decision making, which also gives them the ability to be manipulative when the need arises. And if you ever feel tempted to manipulate a Scorpio, remember that they are perhaps miles ahead of you and chances are the joke will ultimately be on you.

  1. Resourceful

No matter what happens, Scorpios will find a way to make it happen. They are resourceful beings and they know it.

  1. Spiritual and intuitive

In most (if not all) situations, Scorpios will trust their instincts, often failing if they do not. They tend to boast insights and foresight into things that most individuals miss; and due to this, they believe they have some sort of higher power guiding them in their daily lives.

  1. They are jealous creatures

While they may try masking it on the surface, Scorpios are ridiculously competitive and jealous believing that they deserve the very best. They are also extremely jealous in relationships when they feel like they aren’t getting your undivided attention.

This trait has a downside though. Scorpios rarely raise arguments. So when their partners make them feel underappreciated, their independent nature kicks in and they start leaning toward ending the relationship altogether.

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