3 Angriest Zodiac Signs – How Angry is Your Sign?

angriest zodiac signs

3 Angriest Zodiac Signs – How Angry is Your Sign?

We all know people that can be a bit hotheaded at times. Is their Zodiac sign the reason for anger? Are some people predisposed to be angrier? We’ve looked at the angriest Zodiac signs in this guide.

It’s important to realize that there are different definitions of “anger”. We all get angry at some time in life and it is vital to realize that Zodiac characteristics will be more down to the way someone copes with the anger.

Any zodiac sign can get angry. Also, people who are lacking in sleep and don’t channel positive, peaceful energy enough are far more likely to experience anger. It doesn’t just come down to a Zodiac sign. However, you can tell how someone might deal with things like relationship compatibility or issues, or how quickly they might get angry by their sign.


Aries is definitely one of the angriest Zodiac signs. Aries is ruled by Mars in the Zodiac charts. Those who have the Aries sign tend to be prone to quick action. They tend to act quickly in both physical and mental terms. This means that the reaction to something going wrong can make them angry.

Aries people can sometimes spring into action without thinking. They don’t like to wait, and they don’t tend to be good at letting a situation calm down before they jump in and act (or get angry).

Someone with an Aries sign is likely to be impatient. They may well snap at someone if things go wrong, but they’ll probably have their heart in the right place and apologize later.


Scorpio also has Mars as a master planet, along with Pluto. Mars tends to make a Scorpio quite impatient, but they also tend to be good at keeping their wits about them in a heated exchange. A Scorpio is good at winning an argument!

Scorpios are also worriers, and they can rush into things due to their impatience, much like Aries. Scorpios don’t have a lot of fear, they are likely to go headfirst into a situation and not think too much about the consequences. This may mean arguments.

If a Scorpio can, they should get lots of exercise and take anger out in another way. Having a way to channel energy in this way can keep a Scorpio calm.


Aquarians are not afraid of confrontations. They are happy to raise their issues and try and change someone else’s mind, but they are stubborn, too. Nobody is likely to change an Aquarian’s mind. Someone with an Aquarius Zodiac sign will usually win an argument!

Often, Aquarians follow their instincts and impulses, and this can lead to them coming across as angry or hot-headed.

If they can, they should try to stay peaceful and meditate to control any anger. A little time to reflect can usually calm an Aquarian down.


You don’t have to be in one of these three signs in order to be an angry person, and you can certainly get angry no matter what Zodiac sign you are.

It is likely that the angriest Zodiac signs we’ve mentioned above are likely to become infuriated more quickly and snap during social situations. However, this can be managed.

If you know someone who is likely to get riled at short notice then you might find the answer to why in their Zodiac sign. Are they one of the angriest star signs?

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