A Beginner’s Guide To Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology

A Beginner’s Guide To Medical Astrology

You’ve just stumbled into the astonishing world of medical astrology, where trained individuals have the ability to look at your birth chart based on the time and date you were born in order to spot potential weaknesses of an organ or system in your body.

As you may already tell, this will be a fun one, but before getting to the main section of the post and looking at the different diseases the 12 sun signs are prone to (according to their ruling planets) let’s start with the basics and ensure that we’re all on the same page.

What is Medical Astrology?

Defined simply, medical astrology is a healing art and science that uses info derived from one’s astrology birth chart (natal chart) to ascertain the person’s state of wellness or disease.

If you visit a competent medical astrologer, they will also use the same birth chart to determine your body’s strengths & weaknesses,  nutritional deficiencies, and proneness to various disease states. and in the event of a disease or illness, the medical astrologer will also use predictive astrology methods to try and determine the duration and severity of the disease in question.

At times, the medical astrologer can even help you determine the course of the disease using a chart known as a decumbiture chart.

Decumbiture charts are rooted in a type of astrology that has a basis in ancient astrology, back when astrologers couldn’t tell the exact time (to the second) their subjects were born. Instead, these medical astrologers would set up a chart based on the time the physician analyzed the urine of the patient or the time the patient “took to his bed.”

Today, one can also set up a decumbiture chart for either the time the patient “takes to his bed” or the time of a diagnosis by a qualified doctor.

What’s more? Medical astrology can also come in handy in elective surgery (check out my guide on a beginner’s guide to electional astorlgoy to learn more about the discipline.)

Using electional astrology, the medical astrologer will help you pick the best time(s) and date(s) for the elective procedure – be it anything from a college injection to a facelift. It is always advisable to ensure you ask the exact time of your birth for better results. But in case this isn’t possible in your situation, worry not. The medical astrologer can still help you pick the most fortunate dates and times for the procedure you have in mind.

Another thing I really feel like I ought to mention.

Needless to say, no one should try going out of their way to use elective astrology during medical emergencies. Furthermore, Medical astrology shouldn’t be used by anyone to diagnose illenesses either. The only individual who should diagnose illnesses is a qualified medical doctor.

And even if the medical doctor in question is also well versed in medical astrology, they shouldn’t try diagnosing your illnesses just from your birth chart. If you’re well trained and read, you can be able to determine a tendency towards various sorts of illnesses and can also see certain periods of lowered vitality or stress when one could easily contract health problems – but it’s not possible (neither should anyone attempt) to diagnose a person’s illness just form the birth chart.

Having said that, after a qualified medical doctor diagnoses a patient with a particular illness, the medical astrologer can now come into the equation and try ascertaining from the duration or severity of the illness (using the patient’s birth chart).

After learning the duration, the medical astrologer can also go ahead and ascertain what planetary influences the client was under at the time.

The Quadratures in Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology

Now that you know the definition of medical astrology and have sufficient information to delve into the discipline, let’s look at more information one can gain from a person’s birth chart by keenly studying their signs in relation to the quadratures.

This is essential because an affliction or problems in one sign (in a quadrature) can easily manifest on other signs of the same quadrature. If you’re a beginner to astrology and confused by what quadratures are, check out this post I created recently (feel free to check it out when you’re done with this article.)

The quadratures include the mutable, fixed, or cardinal and all the 12 sun signs can be categorized into the three quadratures.

With that in mind, in medical astrology, it’s extremely helpful for an astrologer to determine whether (if any) quadratures are active in a  person’s birth chart, which will in turn help him/ her determine the types of diseases one is prone to.

As you will also learn in this section, the quadratures can also be referred to as the crosses, meaning we have mutable, fixed, and cardinal types of diseases or planets on the mutable cross, the fixed cross, and the cardinal cross.

Let’s jump right into it

The Mutable Signs are Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Gemini – and they relate to mutable kinds of illnesses. Illnesses Mutable signs are prone to are descriptive of the location and are attributes of the mutable sign. This means that they refer to illnesses related to the feet, immune system, small intestines, pancreas, hips, liver, lungs, shoulders, and the arms.

Mutable types of diseases can also have a mental origin and are usually acute in nature. They can also refer to recurring illnesses.

The Fixed Signs are Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, and Taurus – and they relate to fixed kinds of illnesses. Illnesses fixed signs are prone to are descriptive of the location and attributes of the fixed sign. This means they refer to illnesses related to the circulation of the body, lower back, the heart, reproductive & eliminative organs, thyroid glands, and the throat. This usually refers to chronic diseases that can last a very long time.

The Cardinal Signs are Capricorn, Cancer, Libra, and Aries – and they relate to cardinal kinds of illnesses. Cardinal kinds of illnesses are descriptive of the location and attributes of the cardinal sign. This means they refer to illnesses that affect the bones, skin, kidneys, stomach, breasts, and the head.

As you may already tell, cardinal types of illnesses can often be acute in nature.

Let’s look at the essence of the crosses

The medical astrologer must determine the cross that is active in the client’s birth chart to better understand where the emphasis lies. The medical astrologer can simply determine the quadrature that receives the most points and can also examine aspects made to the angles of the chart.

A birth chart’s angle receives a hard aspect from either Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, or Mars – this is regarded as a disturbance in that quadrature as well as a disturbance to the sign’s ruler on the angle.

Here is a great example that will help you understand all the above. If, for instance, one has Taurus on an angle and is receiving a difficult or hard aspect from Saturn, that will indicate proneness to an illness in the fixed cross. That’s because Taurus is a member of the fixed cross and it will also mean that the ruler of Taurus (which is Venus) has also been disturbed.

A medical astrologer can also learn a great deal about their client’s health by going the extra mile and examining the strength (or lack thereof) of the elements in their chart. These four elements used in astrology include water, air, earth, and fire (if you’re new to astrology, check out this post I created recently to learn more about elements in astrology.)

Each of the four elements refers to specific attributes or bodily actions, which means that an emphasis on certain elements or a deficiency in the other can point to a weakness in the patient’s body.

The four elements in medical astrology

Fire Element

Fire is purifying and hot. It also creates fevers in the body that can help burn off or remove toxins from the body while at the same time helping destroy bacteria and viruses. It also rules one’s digestive system.

With that in mind, a person that is low on the fire element will have issues riding his body of infections and burning off toxins. The individual can also end up having a weak digestion system, which equals not metabolizing properly or sufficiently intaking minerals and vitamins.

That said, luckily, after an individual is made aware of an overabundance or deficiency of certain elements inside them, there are several steps the individual can employ to create a balance inside the body.

So, with a lack of fire, the individual can exercise a little more and help built body heat. They can also take nutrients that’ll help their body stimulate digestion. Better yet, if it aligns with the rest of their birth chart, these individuals can also be helped by fiery substances like ginger and black pepper.

(Note: if you’re allergic to certain meals, you should certainly consult a nutritionist to rest assured that eating the foods in question will not affect you.)

Now let’s talk about people with too much fire in their charts. The individuals tend to burn out and need to conserve their physical energy as much as they can. They can do this by learning how to pace themselves and learning moderation.

An individual with an excess of fire can also get easily dehydrated and need to increase their fluid intake.

Water Element

Water is nurturing and protective. A lack of sufficient water in your body will only result in the lack of fluids, which in turn results in a build-up of excess toxicity. With that in mind, there is a need for periodic moderate fasts or cleansing diets and we should all drink a lot of water and other liquids.

Living close to a water source can also increase the influence of the water element in your life and cutting down on dry foods (such as dry cereals and crackers) and adding more juicy foods to your diet can immensely help.

What about excess water in one’s birth chart? Too much influence from the water element can signify emotionally caused conditions and also describe a super sensitive individual who tends to absorb negative feelings from those around them. That means that these individuals need to train how to channel emotions in only positive ways.

Too much water can also signify too many fluids in one’s body, which can result in mucous formations or a tendency to get waterlogged. If this is the case for you, you can easily balance it with dried cereals, cornmeal products, and fruits.

Air Element

The air element guides the processes of oxidation inside our nervous systems as well as the rest of the body. For that reason, an individual weak in the air element might boast a weak nervous system but can be easily helped by breathing exercises and fresh circulating air. Putting on clothes with air colors like coral and sky blue can also help boost the air element in the person’s body.

What about too much air? Excess influence from the air element can indicate nervousness, restlessness, spasms, and gases in the intestines. People in these situations need restful periods or meditation or recuperation so they can allow their nervous systems to recharge themselves. A change of scenery is also guaranteed to help.

Earth Element

The earth element rules the systems of the body that offer support and stability. For that reason, a person that is weak in the earth element will tend to ignore the needs of their physical body, which in turn leads to them being slightly “spacey” or needing grounding.

The solution? If it agrees with the person’s entire birth chart, a medical astrologer can help them by advising them to eat more heavy or earthy foods and have a regular schedule for relaxing and eating (as well as wearing clothes with earth colors.) Spending a lot of time indoors and being more in touch with nature can also help.

Let’stalk about those who are on the excess end of the spectrum. Individuals with excess earth tend to be overly obsessed with their own bodies and also describes individual who need to learn moderation. They tend to have a certain compulsiveness or obsessiveness with the body. A medical astrologer can help these individuals by advising them to exercise more and eat lighter foods.


As you can see, Medical astrology follows an energetic and holistic model. Instead of trying to treat symptoms, medical astrology tries to create a balance in an individual’s mental and physical energies. It understands that one’s personality will greatly influence their health.

Medical astrology also acknowledges that we are all biologically attuned to the planets’ movements in the sky as we constantly receive magnetic energy from these planets through our skin and aura. Therefore, one can only attain healthy by living in harmony with the universal life forces.

If you loved this content on medical astrology, I’m confident you’ll love this one on the 7 stages of life and their astrological explanations.

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