5 Ways to Spot a Capricorn

spot a capricorn

5 Ways to Spot a Capricorn

If you know what you’re looking for, trying to spot a Capricorn shouldn’t be a hassle.

At 1st glance, people born under this sign are an extremely strong (if not blunt) personal brand – which isn’t surprising given their ruling planet is Saturn, representative element is Earth, and zodiac symbol is a mountain goat.

As a result of this façade, Capricorns are often considered overly consistent, unforgiving, overachieving, stubborn, or even boring. But do not let these stereotypes cement a caricature of Caps in your mind.

As you will see in today’s list, there is much more Capricorns have to offer besides their cold, hardened exteriors.

And without further delay, let us skip to the main section of the post and look at:

How to spot a Capricorn

  1. They’re workaholics and ambitious

Born between December 22nd and January 20th, Capricorns have long been seen as authority figures in the realm of astrology (and if you know one, then you know he/she can tend to be a taskmaster at times.)

This is because Capricorns crave concrete evidence of their eventual success and progress, and most (if not all) of them take immense pride in being able to prove the number of projects they completed or hours they logged at work.

That said, note that Capricorns do have an off button that those not born under the goat sign may not notice. If they have an important event coming up (say a wedding anniversary), they’ll happily take some time off before hitting their workload limit.

  1. Responsible

As a result of their ambitious and hardworking attitude, Capricorns are extremely responsible individuals with a disciplined, pragmatic, and mature approach when it comes to pursuing their goals, following the rules, or staying organized.

They’re also quick to learn from their mistakes and learn from them, which in turn allows them to use these hurdles to their advantage in the long run.

To top it off, Capricorns are especially astounding at keeping track of essential things, such as homework assignments and passwords – and are known to have a keen eye for interior designs as well.

  1. Risks make you nervous and you’re not good at taking them

Ever the pragmatist in the zodiac realm, a Capricorn is the most likely to stick to familiar processes and routines that have worked great for others in the past, as opposed to trying something entirely new him/herself.

  1. They’re extremely loyal

When a Capricorn commits to someone, regardless of whether it’s a lover or a friend, they make an effort to show up every time they’re needed; and on time. The individuals in a Cap’s life also know they can count on the Capricorn in question. And to be honest, I think this is one of the main personality traits you’ll love if you get to know a Capricorn.

This brings me to the next tip on how to spot a Capricorn.

  1. They’re not a people person

Since Capricorns tend to get committed to those they’re close to, they can be very hesitant to let new people into their inner circles. When someone is trying to be friends with them, all they can think is, “Are you really worth my undying love and devotion?”

As a result of these doubts, a Capricorn is more likely to be an introvert who’ll be generally quite reserved when hanging out around strangers. It is only with individuals they trust and know well that Capricorns will be comfortable expressing affection. All the others are going to have to prove themselves first.

There you have it, my detailed guide on 5 ways to spot a Capricorn. If you liked the content, I’m sure you’ll love this article on assumptions people make about Scorpios that are actually true.


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