12 Interesting Celebrity Astrological Profiles

Celebrity Astrological Profiles

12 Interesting Celebrity Astrological Profiles

Julia Roberts might be America’s Sweetheart, but her personal astrological profile hints at a more mysterious, much darker, and intense side. Drew Barrymore’s chart is overflowing with romantic Pisces energy, and Calista Flockhart’s Venus is in Libra, explaining those teeny tiny Ally McBeal miniskirts.

With that brief introduction in mind. Let’s skip to the main section of the post and look at the personal celebrity astrological profiles of some of your favorite stars, and see what they have to say about their success.

Celebrity Astrological Profiles

Rihanna (born 20th of February) – Pisces (February 19 – March 20)


Born on February 20th, Rihanna is a Pisces – which makes sense since Pisces tend to have a connection to music and artistic talents. Bearing in mind that Rihanna is not only an incredible singer, but also an actress, record producer, songwriter, rapper, and even a dancer, finding out that she is a Pisces wasn’t a surprise for me.

Other Celebrities who share the Pisces sign with Rihanna

  • Eva Mendes born on March 5th
  • Daniel Craig born on March 2nd
  • Justin Bieber born on March 1st




Oprah Winfrey (born on the 29th of January) – Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)


Aquarians tend to be great problem solvers, deep thinkers, and intellectuals – all of which correlate to Oprah Winfrey’s character if you know anything about her. All those personality traits were also graciously displayed by Oprah a while back when she was criticized by President Trump via a Twitter status post due to a piece she had done on 60 minutes.

Oprah’s response to this was to ensure she did not “give negativity power”, as perfectly put by the Huffington Post. Instead of directly responding to the president’s claims as most of us would have, she reported that what she did was she “went back to the entire tape and gave it one more look to see whether there was any place where the president’s claims could be true or applied.”

As you will agree with me, Oprah displayed the most prominent personality traits of an Aquarian by responding to an individual’s criticism in an intellectual manner instead of getting too emotional about it.

Other celebrities who share the Aquarius sign with Oprah Winfrey

  • Bob Marley born on February 6th
  • Christian Bale born on January 30th
  • Michael Jordan born on February 17th
  • Ashton Kutcher born on February 7th

Elvis Presley (born on the 8th of January) – Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)


Elvis Aaron Presley was an actor, musician, and American singer. Regarded as one of the most significant cultural icons from the 20th century, he is also referred to as “the King” or “the king of Rock and Roll.”

To top it off, Elvis Presley was a typical Capricorn. If you’re well versed in the discipline of astrology, then you know that individuals born in the Capricorn sign are considered to be some of the most focused individuals in the entire lot.

Capricorn born fellows also possess dominant traits of the goat, which means that they are practical, extremely helpful, conservative, ambitious, and determined.

In their careers, Capricorns will play a great role in the leadership positions, which can be possibly attributed to their honesty toward duties at the workplace, the ability to take up responsibilities, as well as their strong dedication and focus. Thanks to these personality traits, Elvis Presley was seen as a overachiever by those surrounding him.

That said, in addition to being high achievers, Capricorns also do have some cons in their traits, including being resentful, inhibited, stubborn, pessimistic, and of suspicious nature. All these were clearly reflected in Elvis’ behaviors, but deep down in his heart (as reported by those who knew him on a personal level), he was a humble individual.

Other celebrities who share the Capricorn sign with Elvis Presley

  • Mel Gibson born on January 3rd
  • Tiger Woods born on December 30th
  • Jim Carrey born on January 17th
  • John Legend born on December 28th
  • Denzel Washington born on December 28th
  • Diane Keaton born on January 5th

Miley Cyrus (born on the 3rd of November) – Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)


This beloved artist has quite a few distinct sides. There is the Hanna Montana Disney era, there is the Black Mirror twisted side, and there is also the philanthropic princess behind the non-profit Happy Hippie. Let us take a look at some astrological reasoning behind this free-spirited celebrity.

Miley Cyrus’ zodiac sign is Sagittarius, which implies that she is a passionate fire sign, strong-willed, and independent. Fans of the musician will agree to these attributes, since the artist is often seen standing up for what she believes is right, being honest with her recently released songs, and even outspokenly advocating for the LGBTQ community in the media.

Some of her Sagittarius personality traits even correlate with her tumultuous love life. After announcing her split from her long-term romantic partner and husband Liam Hemsworth in August 2019, Mile Cyrus quickly embarked upon a summer fling with Kaitlynn Carter, Brody Jenner’s ex.

Not long after that, Carter and Cyrus’ romance cooled off, and the American signer moved to date Cody Simpson – but that romance ended less than a year later as well.

As one website put it, “This is the sign of an adventurous individual who steps out into the world in search of wisdom, higher knowledge, and all the goodness the world has to offer.”

This philosophy is clearly what Miley Cyrus stands by, as she also seems to have finally broken free from the identity people had adopted during her Disney years. Better yet, she keeps pushing back against any comment on her image in the press.

What’s more? Even though Miley Cyrus’ sun sign is Sagittarius, she boasts a different moon sign (this one a water sign), Scorpio. Scorpios, just like Sagittarians are not afraid to speak their minds. People who have their sun sign in Scorpio are also typically ambitious, determined, and brave.

Other celebrities who share the Sagittarius sign with Miley Cyrus

  • Katie Holmes born on December 18th
  • Nicki Minaj born on Decmber 8th
  • Brad Pitt born on December 18th
  • Taylor Swift born on December 13th

Leonardo Dicaprio (born on the 11th of November) – Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)


Born on November 11th, Leonardo DiCaprio is all Scorpio. People born under this sun sign tend to be extremely dedicated individuals. Weigh that against Leonardo DiCaprio’s obvious dedication to his acting craft, and you will not be surprised that he is a Scorpio.

Most of us cannot even begin to imagine staying dedicated to some of the things the gentleman did while working on the Revenant, such as sleeping inside an animal’s carcass (according to Mashable), enduring the freezing temperatures in Canada, and even eating raw meat.

I wonder why his Oscar award took this long to arrive.

Other celebrities who share the Scorpio sign with Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Whoopi Goldberg born on November 13th
  • Julia Roberts born on October 28th
  • Ryan Goslin born on November 12th
  • Anne Hathaway born on November 12th

Will Smith (born on the 25th of September) – Libra (September 23 – October 22)


Will Smith started out as a decent rapper known as The Fresh Prince and was working alongside Jazzy Jeff back in the day. The dynamic duo released its 1st album in 1987, and it was quite a success. Smith’s transition from the music world to the realm of Hollywood, however, took place in 1990 after he landed the lead role in the popular sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He carried on to star in multiple successful movies.

As a typical Libra, Will Smith is naturally funny and charming. He strives for balance and harmony both in his career as well as his relationships. If you look at his career history, you’ll also realize that he doesn’t differ from the stereotypical Libra personality traits.

While most rappers were praising women, money, and questionable life choices in their music lyrics, Smith started off his career with some of (arguably) the most wholesome lyrics in the music industry. He rapped about having a good time and dancing, and even came across as way too friendly to make it big in the realm of hip ho.

What about his personal life?

Libras can be described as peacemakers and idealistic mediators. They hate tyranny, tension, and violence – and they make amazing parents due to the simple fact they’re always striving for harmony. That said, these individuals also struggle a little bit when it comes to discipline.

If you’ve been following will smith’s personal life, then you know that he is extremely close to his children. He has a particularly transparent and open relationship with Jaden, his son, with whom he has worked several times professionally.

Other celebrities who share the Libra sign with Will Smith

  • Eminem born October 17th
  • Kim Kardashian born on October 21st
  • Kate Winslet born on October 5th

Cameron Diaz (born on the 30th of August) – Virgo (August 23 – September 22)


Born on August 3oth, Cameron Diaz is a Virgo, and one of the biggest strengths of Virgos is their methodical approach to their lives’ decisions. Cameron Diaz particularly displays this personality trait in her romantic life, given she has only been married once and waited until she was 41 years old to do so.

During an interview with USA Today, she discussed her choice to wait saying, “I had several boyfriends before, and there is a very huge difference between boyfriends and husbands.” Like most Virgos just like her, she understands that a relationship has to be just right before an individual decides to take the plunge.

Other celebrities who share thee Virgo sign with Cameron Diaz

  • Warren Buffet born on August 30th
  • Paul Walker born on September 12th
  • Tim Burton born on August 25th

Mila Kunis (born on the 14th of August) – Leo (July 23 – August 22)


One of the biggest Leo strengths includes their humorous personalities, which Mila Kunis clearly exhibits. I honestly cannot think of any film or tv show where she starred in and the piece wasn’t hysterical.

In addition to that, Mila Kunis’ thinking is open, idealistic, goal orientated, concentrated, and directed to the future. As she has pointed out herself multiple times, she strives for a holistic understanding of the world, which explains why she always seems flexible, goal-oriented, and motivated in all her actions.

Mila Kunis also acts with confidence and emotional intelligence. She is guided by her noble convictions that allow her to easily win those around her over for her undertakings.

Other celebrities who share the Leo sign with Mila Kunis

  • Daniel Radcliffe born on July 23rd
  • Barack Obama born on August 4th
  • Sandra Bullock born on July 26th
  • Jeniffer Lopez born 24th

Ariana Grande (born on the 26th of June) – Cancer (June 21 – July 22)


Cancerians are known for their ability to be sensitive, emotional, and easily attached to those around them. Bearing in mind that Ariana Grande boasts matching crescent moon tattoos with her close best friends, all personality traits named above describe the Cancer celebrity quite well.

Other celebrities who share the Cancer sign with Ariana Grande

  • Lindsey Lohan born on July 2nd
  • Jessica Simpson born on July 10th
  • Pamela Anderson born on July 1st
  • Kathy Bates born on June 28th
  • Meryl Streep born on June 22nd
  • Vinn Diesel born on July 18th
  • Robin Williams born on July 21st
  • Princess Diana born on July 1st
  • Tom Hanks born on July 9th
  • Lionel Messi born on June 24th
  • Lele Pons born on June 25th
  • Selena Gomez born July 22nd

Johnny Depp (born on the 9th of June) – Gemini (May 21 – June 20)


Geminis tend to be astoundingly adaptable, which we can all agree perfectly describe Johnny Depp’s style of acting. The gentleman has played a wide array of diverse roles over his extensive career from Captain Jack Sparrow and Edward Scissorhands to his more edgy roles like Sweeny Todd or the Mad Hatter in Alice and Wonderland.

He seems like he can easily adapt to any role and all characters with ease.

Other celebrities who share the Gemini sign with Johnny Depp

  • Vincent Price born on May 27th
  • Michael J. Fox born on June 9th
  • Judy Garland born on June 10th
  • Nicole Kidman born on June 20th
  • Clint Eastwood born on May 31st
  • Paul McCartney born on June 18th
  • Natalie Portman born on June 9th
  • Morgan Freeman born on June 1st
  • Naomi Campbell born on May 22nd
  • Marylyn Monroe born on June 1st

George Clooney (born on the 6th of May) – Taurus (April 20 – May 20)


People born under the Taurus sign are romantic, reliable, and powerful. Needless to say, all these emanate from the celebrity hunk by the name George Clooney. According to People, this year, Clooney whisked his wife, Amal Clooney, away for the weekend so just they could celebrate her birthday.

I do not know about you, but that is pretty romantic in my opinion – particularly considering they have three-year-old twin babies at home.

Other celebrities who share the Taurus sign with George Clooney

  • Um Thurman born on April 29th
  • Penelope Cruz born on April 28th
  • Stevie Wonder born on May 13th
  • Jack Nicholson born on April 22nd
  • Katherine Hepburn born on May 12th
  • Al Pacino born April 25th

Emma Watson (born on the 15th of April) – Aries (March 21st – April 19)


I have always felt a weird connection to the Harry Potter star, and now I understand why: we are both Aries individuals (we actually share the same birthday date. Who knew?) That said, given the fact Emma Watson is such an honest, passionate, confident, and determined young woman, I should have known all along.

Other celebrities who share the Aries sun sign with Emma Watson

  • Eddie Murphy born on April 3rd
  • Heath Ledger born on April 4h
  • Lady Gaga born on March 28th
  • Jackie Chan born on April 7th
  • Joan Crawford born on March 23rd



If you love this article on celebrity astrological profiles, I’m confident you’ll love this one on the 7 stages of life and their astrological explanations.

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