The 12 Houses of Astrology

Houses of Astrology

The 12 Houses of Astrology

Wondering what the 12 Houses of Astrology are? You are not alone.

Today, Astrology is perceived as a small, fun part of our everyday lives that can only apply when we’re reading our daily horoscopes or fanatically checking out the zodiac sign compatibility of our crushes.

But if we take the time to dive deeper beneath the surface of our ruling elements, planets, and rising signs, we’ll realize astrology is an extremely fascinating and detailed ancient practice that can help us learn a ton about traits.

And if you have listened to astrology fanatics blabbing away about their birth charts to everyone who will listen (guilty as charged), then it’s probably what has led you to wonder what the 12 houses of astrology are.

Each house represents a set of mannerisms, beginning from how we perceive ourselves, and expanding outwards into society and even beyond. When an astrologer is interpreting your chart, he/she will blend the meaning of the ruling planets, the sign it’s in, and the house it’s in to map out the gifts or obstacles you will face in your life.

Without wasting any more of your time, let us skip to the main section of the post and discuss the:

12 houses of astrology

1st House: The House of Self

Also known as the “ascendant”, the first house begins our ride through the zodiac. It represents “you” in the simplest terms and governs our self-awareness, early environments, beginnings, self-image, self-identity, personal views on life, appearance, personality, and even the physical body.

(Ruled by Aries and Mars)

2nd House: The House of Finances and Value

The 2nd house in our ride through the astrological houses is all about wealth, money, and earthly possessions, as well as our attitude towards all of those things. Note that earthly possessions include your five senses.

This house is also associated with value. And by value, I mean both how you value yourself and how you value material things. On the dark side, this is also the area on the chart that could indicate issues of financial hardship, greed, or self-worth (depending on your placement).

(Ruled by Taurus and Venus)

3rd House: The House of Communication

The 3rd house rules all forms of communication including, but not limited to, gadgets, thinking, talking, and devices (Instant Messenger, pagers, cell phones, etc.) This 3rd house also covers community affairs, teachers, schools, libraries, local travel, neighborhood, and siblings.

(Ruled by Gemini and Mercury)

4th House: The House of Home

This Cancer-ruled house sits at the bottom of the zodiac wheel, which explains why it represents the “foundation” of everything, including your privacy, home, children, parents (especially your mom), your basic security, your mothering abilities, TLC, and nurturing.

(Ruled by Cancer and the Moon)

5th House: The House of Pleasure and Creativity

The 5th house governs romance, attention, color, creativity, drama, self-expression, fun, and play.

(Ruled by Leo and the Sun)

6th House: The House of Health and Service

This domain of health and services rules helpfulness, natural and healthy living, diets & exercises, fitness, routines, organizations, schedules, and being of service to others.

(Ruled by Virgo and Mercury)

7th House: The House of Partnerships

The 7th house is the domain of relationships and other individuals in your life. It governs business deals, marriages, contracts, and partnerships (both personal and business.)

(Ruled by Libra and Venus)

8th House: The House of Transformation

The 8th house Is a mysterious region that rules merged energies, mysteries, transformation, sex, death, birth, and bonding at the deepest levels.

(Ruled by Scorpio and Pluto)

9th House: The House of Big Ideas

This house covers ethics, morals, philosophy, religion, gambling, adventure, risk, luck, universities & higher education, broadcasting, publishing, optimism, inspiration, foreign languages, international & long-distance journeys, expansion, and the higher mind.

(Ruled by Sagittarius and Jupiter)

10th House: The House of Public Image

This house is at the top-most part of the zodiac chart and it governs fatherhood, fathers, authority, discipline, rules, boundaries, awards, careers, achievements, honors, fame, public image, tradition, corporations, and structures.

(Ruled by Capricorn and Saturn)

11th House: The House of Friends and Community

The 11th house rules humanitarian causes, rebellion, social justice, networking, video & electronic media, technology, society, groups, friendships, and teams.

(Ruled by Aquarius and Uranus)

12th House: The House of Secrets and the Subconscious

The zodiac chart completes with the 12th and last house, which rules the subconscious mind, journals, poetry, dance, film, arts, creativity, and imagination. This house is also associated with separation from secret enemies, hidden agendas, jails, hospitals, institutions, and society.

(Ruled by Pisces and Neptune)

Note: According to astrologers, the most important houses of astrology are the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses – also known as the “angular houses.” They’re important because of all 12 houses of astrology, they’re the only ones whose cusps coincide with the four special angles, namely M.C., descendant, I.C., and ascendant.

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