10 Signs Of A Great Astrologer

signs of a great astrologer

10 Signs Of A Great Astrologer

What has inspired me to create this detailed guide on signs of a great astrologer?

Well, general interest in the discipline of astrology has skyrocketed overwhelmingly over the last couple of decades. No longer relegated to dusty backrooms of occult stores, this ancient practice has finally taken its rightful place in the “Information Age.”

That said, as with everything else, the newfound popularity of astrology has also resulted in the rise of fraudulent activities and individuals; and since getting a reading from professional astrologers is usually an extremely personal experience, you want to ensure the ‘professional’ you’re working with is legit, compassionate, and empathetic.

This guide on signs of a great astrologer will help speed up and narrow down your search so you can prepare for great results. Without further delay, let’s skip to the main section of the post.

Signs of a great astrologer

  1. You need to start by taking responsibility for your actions

In the next 9 points, I’ll focus on the traits of astrologers you should be on the lookout for before making a final decision. That said, I think it’s essential that we start by touching on what you should condition within yourself before even starting to look for an astrologer.

The 1st thing you ought to comprehend is that astrology isn’t a tool of escapism or a quick fix tool. The discipline of astrology is a powerful tool designed to help you understand your inherent strengths and weaknesses – then, based on that information you can be able to take responsibility and focus on your said weaknesses so you can get out of the tough problem you’re currently in.

Ever heard of perception? Each one of us has their own maps of realities called perceptions. What’s more? The information and experiences you attract will be in line with the beliefs and perceptions you have about yourself and the world.

How does this apply to signs of a great astrologer, you may ask? Well, if you genuinely believe that astrology is a quick fix to your issue or the subject of escapism, then you will obviously attract looters and cheaters in the same area. However, if you take personal responsibility and commit yourself to understand the discipline, then you can rest assured you will find the best astrologer that’ll give you genuine suggestions.

  1. Great astrologers do not use prices to lure you in

Chances are, the best astrologers might charge higher prices, but this doesn’t mean that all those that charge high prices are good at the practice.

It has been proven time and again that a highly-priced service will usually generate higher perceived value and will, in turn, attract more customers. So never fail to do sufficient research on the astrologer’s true value of service simply because he/she is charging a higher price.

  1. What do previous customers have to say about the astrologer

signs of a great astrologer

An astrologer’s job description is helping clients make the right decisions in their lives by closely evaluating their birth charts. So, if you learned about your current astrologer through a friend who had a chance to visit the professional, then you can be confident they can deliver.

And in case this wasn’t the case, the astrologer should also provide a system that allows you to interact with his/her previous clients. Only if an overwhelming majority of the astrologer’s previous customers approve of his skills should you make a final decision and invest your hard-earned cash.

  1. Experience and empathy

signs of a great astrologer

This guide on signs of a great astrologer would be incomplete without this point. I always advise my readers and students to have quick conversations with their astrologers prior to scheduling the main session for consultation.

This way, if the astrologer is empathetic and is trying to comprehend your issues first before shoving their services down your throat, then they are likely to give you the best services. In regards to experience, its key to every other profession, and astrology is no exception.

My favorite quote from the person who introduced me to the realm of astrology is:

“The discipline of astrology closely resembles a medical science. A doctor with decades of experience up his/her sleeves is more likely to find a client’s disease on the first attempt. The same way, an Astrologer that has been practicing for a long duration is more than likely to read your horoscope accurately.”

  1. The astrologer respects boundaries

signs of a great astrologer

For obvious reasons, the subject of boundaries is a sensitive one.

A great astrologer should strongly be of the opinion that, just like any other professional in a helping field, the relationship between him/her and clients should always remain professional and never become personally intimate.

For most people, this includes sex and dating, or simply feeling like your astrologer is coming onto you.

That said, does this mean that astrologers who end up getting into romantic relationships with their clients are evil predators? Well, not. I have come across several great astrologers who felt that as long as both parties were informed and consenting adults, then it was okay to overlap boundaries.

The bottom line is, attractions are bound to happen from time to time. But how should you react? Is friendship outside the “work relationship” also considered crossing boundaries?”

While these are complex and at times controversial questions without easy answers that cover every situation, I will give you a final word that I think will come in handy moving forward. If anything makes you feel uncomfortable, you bear the right to say NO and have the other party involved respect that decision. And this not only applies to intimate advances but also includes your birth chart’s reading journey.

If the astrologer asks a question that touches on a topic you are not willing to talk about, feel free to tell them. And if they refuse to respect your decision and instead insist, then I advise that you end the reading. After all, this is a post on signs of a great astrologer (and that isn’t one of them.)

  1. They do not use scare or high-pressure tactics to get you to buy

signs of a great astrologer

It is a common practice in the corporate space for business people to showcase their products and services to their previous customers – however, they should be able to remove you from their list right away if you request it.

With that in mind, if the astrologer you’re consulting comes across like a used vehicle’s salesman that’s trying to give you a junk heap, then you should perhaps think twice and reconsider if they are really the best astrologer for your needs.

Worse yet, if they start applying fear tactics or high pressure or making outlandish promises in order to get you to buy, then you should more than likely be skeptical.

Here is a great example that will showcase signs of a great astrologer.

If he/she starts insisting that a huge opportunity that comes ones in a lifetime is headed your way but will not give you any more specific information without payment, then I highly recommend a reality check.

In the same fashion, if the astrologer starts warning you about horrendous events that will befall you and destroy your life and is demanding that you make a payment before they can give you any more info, then you’re wise to treat the approach as a scare tactic and unethical promotion.

Another thing worth touching on is their outlandish promises that should raise the red flags of caution right away. In fact, the wording in these types of notices is usually extremely vague and general, and if you take apart the information apart (brick by brick) you’ll notice that none of it really relates to you personally. It’s simply a format later that might have been forwarded to several clients (and in most cases, it probably was.)

The bottom line, if the astrologer is not willing to give you further information (upfront) that is relevant to your chart or your current, personal life, then it’s wise to take it as the first ‘not’ signs of a great astrologer.

  1. The astrologer doesn’t focus on traditions that involve ‘blessing your money”

I’ve come across a huge number of people who said to have come across astrologers who claimed to have the ability to remove curses from one’s money. The truth is, most scam artists who have infiltrated the astrology discipline use this tactic and promise to take huge amounts of your hard-earned cash, and as expected, you can always rest assured that you’ll never see your money again.

Having said that, I will agree that some religious and spiritual traditions can use prayers and rituals to help you attain success in your life – and most of these ritual practitioners will usually charge you some fee for their services.

So, to be 100 percent fair, offering a service like this one does not automatically means that it’s a scam. It only implies that you should proceed with caution and only invest your cash after confirming with some of the practitioner’s previous clients that he/she is legit.

If like earlier, that is not an option, you can instead, familiarize yourself with the ritual or spiritual tradition they claim to have aligned with so you can be able to gauge if they are authentic or not. If you are also not familiar with the traditions, then it’s a tricky situation and I’d generally advise you to think thrice before using the person’s service (unless you personally know a person who is familiar with the traditions and can help you understand.)

And all this should be done before paying the person a huge sum of money or giving out your credit card information.

  1. They’re not inconsistent or wishy-washy about the amount their services will cost

In my personal experience, while getting introduced to the realm of astrology, this didn’t really insinuate a huge problem or that the astrologer in question was not an ethical individual. The only point I am trying to put across here is that if the company or astrologer cannot be crystal clear about the amount they are going to charge you, then you should consider it a poor business practice at the very least.

Also, if, for some reason, you are not satisfied by the terms of service as they were given to you (even long after telling them that you have an issue you need to be handled), then you may want to step back and re-evaluate if this astrologer is the best one for you.

This point brings me to my 9th of 10 signs of great astrologers.

  1. They only charge you the amount as agreed

signs of a great astrologer

Of all signs of great astrologers in this enumeration, this one should be taken as the most serious. If, somehow, you get unexpected extra charges, contact the astrologer or company right away and enquire why that would happen.

If they’re ethical, then they will give you a clear explanation and apologize for any inconvenience. In my experience, there are usually three different possibilities.

  • It was part of a fine print that you must’ve missed

In this case, the company or astrologer should clearly explain what the charges are and how you must have missed them. if you still feel like what happened is inadequately explained or unfair, try asking for a refund (they might or might not agree to give it to you.)

  • It was an honest mistake

Astrologers are humans as well, so it’s essential to understand they also make mistakes. If this happens, the individual should give you an apology and reverse the amount as soon as possible or offer to refund the overpayment.

That said, if this happens more than once, then you should take it as a red flag that they might be unethical or are just lacking in business skills.

  • It was a fraudulent or unethical charge

Of all three situations, this is the one that you want to really avoid at all costs. Sufficiently investigating the reading service or astrologer beforehand is the best way to reduce your chances of running into a problem like this one.

  1. The astrologer’s offer doesn’t sound too good to be true

signs of a great astrologer

“If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” This old saying still applies to the realm of astrology.

I’m confident you’ve come across a lot of ads offering comprehensive natal chart reading at ridiculously low prices or sometimes for free. Are they legitimate? Maybe. Sort of. A lot of astrologers tend to offer introductory services at an extremely low price in hopes that you’ll be interested to acquire their higher-priced services (if you love their services.)

Generally speaking, what you usually get under free or super low prices is only a short interpretation printout that’s often over-generalized or oversimplified. Note though, while this tactic is used by legitimate astrologers as a marketing strategy, it has also been adopted by several questionable astrology services. So BEWARE.

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